Total Fitness Bodybuilding Spotlight – “Brad Kelly”

I fell in love with weightlifting and worked out out every day at school. Within 2 years I had went from 120 pounds to 190 pounds in bodyweight. And I tripled my bench press from 100 to 300 pounds!

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Killer Shoulder Press Exercise Variation!

The Bradford Press is a shoulder press exercise that was invented by Jim Bradford who was an Olympic Weight Lifting champion back in the 1960′s.
This move is a unique shoulder press variation where you alternate back and forth between pressing the barbell to the front of the head and to the back of the head.

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Total Fitness Bodybuilding Spotlight – “Alejandro Buzzi”

Today’s blog post is a unique one…
While I normally focus my blog content around sharing quality muscle building workout tips and bodybuilding diet advice. All that stuff is centered around one thing – actually using it to get in your best shape ever!
So today I’m going to shine the spotlight on one of my online followers who has been taking action and making some impressive gains in the gym.

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EASY Baked Salmon Filet Recipe!

If you are looking for a quick and easy salmon recipe, try this Oven Baked Salmon Filet.
Baked Salmon Nutritional Info:
– 4 oz serving (i.e. 115 gram serving)
– 233 calories
– 14 grams of fat – mostly healthy omega 3 fats
– 0 carbohydrates
– 25 grams of protein

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Upper CHEST Workout with Dumbbells & Cables

When it comes to building a big muscular chest, there are 2 common problems that most guys run into, and they are:

1) Developing The Upper Chest.
2) One Side Of The Chest Is Bigger Than The Other.

So that’s why I’ve put together a specific chest workout video that will address both of these issues.

What we’re going to do in this workout is target exercises that work primarily the upper pecs.

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Build Big Arms: Hybrid Tricep Extension & Press

If you are looking to pack on some size to your upper arms, then you can’t ignore the triceps!

The triceps make up 2/3′s of the upper arm mass. So when it comes to stretching that tape measure, you need to focus on building up those tris.

In the video clip below you’ll learn a killer tricep mass building exercise called the:

Tricep Extension & Press!

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CHEST Pumping Circuit Workout!

Who else wants a big muscular chest?
It’s a safe bet that pretty much every guy who has ever picked up a weight would like to have a well developed chest.
The chest has always been regarded as one of the most powerful muscle groups in the body and it’s usually the top priority with most workout programs.
How often have you seen a program written out that started like this…
Day 1: Chest

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Killer REAR DELT Exercise – Laying Cable Fly Variation

This is a follow up video to my previous shoulder workout with cables video.

Some people left me comments saying that they could not adjust the cable cross over station at their gym. So they wanted to know a variation exercise to the standing rear delt cable fly that I used for working the rear deltoids.

So in this video I’m showing that exact same exercise, but we are laying down on the floor and using the low pulley cable. Most gyms should have a low pulley set up similar to this so you should be able to do this exercise as part of your shoulder workouts to build up the rear delts and upper back.

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Bodybuilding Coaching Club Survey

I need YOUR help with a project I’m working on…

I’m always looking for new ways to improve the quality of bodybuilding & fitness coaching advice that I provide my online followers, such as yourself.

As you know, I do provide a fair bit of training and nutritional advice via my blog, e-mails, YouTube videos, and interacting with folks on my facebook page. And I’m assuming it’s because of that stuff you are here reading this blog post right now

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Shoulder Workout with Cable Exercises

This is a complete shoulder workout routine that you can do that just uses the cable machines at the gym! The benefits of using cables for your shoulder workouts is that they keep constant tension on the deltoid muscles at all times. You get a better range of motion and resistance right from the start and all the way to the top of each movement.

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The Great Canadian Cardio Workout!

Yesterday I did the “Great Canadian Cardio Workout” and made a video of it… I’ll be posting it up within the next day or two, but any guesses as to what that cardio workout might be?

If you can guess the correct answer for what my “Great Canadian Cardio Workout” is you might win a prize 🙂

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Killer Trap Workout – Barbell Shrugs Pyramid Sets

If you are looking to add some “muscular meat” to your traps and upper back, give this unique pyramid set shrug workout a try! When it comes to building up the upper back you can’t beat Barbell Shrugs. They are one of my all time favorite mass building moves for the trapezius muscles, but they…

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Do you SUCK at pull ups & chin ups?

It’s no secret that the key to building a huge V-shaped back is mastering pull ups and chin ups. Show me a guy who is really good at pull ups and you’ll show me a guy who has a HUGE muscular back!

If you struggle with performing pull ups and chin ups then you need this

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Rotator Cuff Exercises For Rehabing Shoulder Injuries

The root cause for most shoulder injuries is an imbalance between the front and rear heads of the deltoids. Very often guys will over work their front delts with bench presses, dips, overhead presses, etc. and the rear delts will receive only a fraction of the training volume in comparison.

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HELP I Can’t SQUAT The Bar Hurts My Neck…

Do you find that squats hurt your neck?
Does the bar dig into your traps and upper back?
Do you try and fix the problem by wrapping a towel or foam pad around the barbell?
This is a very common problem, especially among people who are new to squatting. But there is a specific exercise that you can do to fix this program and eliminate the pain in the neck you get from squatting.

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High Protein Pancake Day!

Today (February 21) is Pancake Day! I’m going to give you 3 guesses as to what I had for breakfast this morning… PANCAKES!!!
When I was a kid I really looked forward to pancake day and I would stuff my face until I couldn’t eat another bite. And even now I still look forward to pancake day. But as my knowledge of nutrition has changed over the years, so have my pancakes… I no longer eat traditional high carb fattening pancakes, instead I stuff my face with LOW Carb / HIGH Protein Muscle Building Pancakes

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Easy EGG Recipe – Bell Pepper Egg Rings!

If you are looking for a quick and easy breakfast idea that not only tastes good, but looks good as well…
Then give these Bell Pepper Egg Rings a try!
The great thing about bell pepper egg rings from a Bodybuilding Nutrition point of view, is that they are a simple way to get both high quality protein and veggies into your breakfast meal.

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Lee’s Revenge Against The YouTube Critics!

If you are a serious muscle-head then this video is a “Must See” because I’m poking some fun and getting my revenge against all the “YouTube Exercise Critics” out there who constantly bitch and complain about my form when lifting heavyweights.

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1 weird “Super-Food” that boosts testosterone…

Did you know that CELERY boosts testosterone! When you chew celery, testosterone-triggering hormones androstenone and androstenol are released.

As you munch a stalk of celery – these chemicals send signals from your mouth to your nose and directly stimulate the release of testosterone in your body.

Want maximum effectiveness?

Try this Superfood Testosterone-Boosting “Shot”.

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WARNING: shampoo can LOWER Your Testosterone!

You’re going to want to take this seriously… Did you know that nearly ALL commercial shampoos contain the female hormone “estrogen” in them? It’s True! Even worse, since these are chemical forms of estrogen, your body has a hard time getting rid of them. If you’re a man over 30 you may have already started…

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How To Do The Good Morning – (Awesome Hamstring & Back Workout)

The Good Morning is a controversial back exercise. Some people will say that it’s a dangerous move that should be avoided. But those who don’t like it are usually those people who don’t understand how to do it properly. When done properly the good morning is a great move that can help strengthen the entire posterior chain (i.e. the back of the body) by building up the spinal erectors, lower back, hips, glutes, and hamstrings.

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Bodybuilding MP3 Download

Just the other day I did an audio interview with Suneet Sebastian from Sebastian Fitness Solutions. Suneet has been a follower of my website for a few years now. And many of you may recognize his name as a regular commenter on my blog as well as the Total Fitness Bodybuilding Facebook Page.

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Bodybuilding School Project…

A few weeks ago I was contacted by one of my younger online followers who wanted to interview me about the basics of bodybuilding training and nutrition for a school project that he was doing. I thought it would make for an interesting blog post because we covered some good solid fundamental bodybuilding information. You can check it out and then please post your feedback in the comments section.

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How To Make LOW CARB & LOW FAT French Fries!

One of my favorite Cheat Foods to eat is french fries. Burger and fries, fish and chips, etc. French Fries are the staple side dish at the greasy spoon diner and fast food joints. Now the way most places cook them they are deep fried, loaded with fat, and not very healthy. But I’ve got a nice tasty alternative to French Fries that are not only Low In Fat, but they are also Low In Carbs as well. Just check out this blog post for all the details.

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Live Bodybuilding Talk Show Today @ 2:00 pm EST

Today, Thursday January 26 at 2:00 pm Eastern Standard Time I’m going to be doing a Live Bodybuilding Q&A Talk Show at: During the live I’ll be answering your questions on a first come, first serve basis. So if you have a question that you want to ask me, make sure to login early…

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The REAL Secret To Muscle Building Success

In this blog post I’m going to reveal the REAL Secret To Muscle Building Success. This “Secret” can mean the difference between struggling in the gym with nothing to show for your efforts. Or making consistent muscle gains week after week. It’s what separates an OK bodybuilder from a GREAT bodybuilder. And NO, I’m NOT talking about steroids or supplements

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Better Than Fish Oil – (the best source of omega 3’s)

Astaxanthin is a colorful antioxidant that occurs naturally in a few different foods – mainly of marine sources. It’s the primary reason some fish and seafood are colored red; the pink flesh of salmon is a perfect example. However, you have to be careful. Many farmed fish are given a synthetic version of astaxanthin in their diet, or their flesh is dyed with it before being sold in the market because astaxanthin is lacking in farmed fish feed.

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Huge Freaky Forearms Workout

How would you like to be able to roll up your sleeves and reveal a set of Ripped Muscular Forearms? The kind of freaky forearms that bulge with awesome power and unprecedented muscular size! After all, if there is one muscle group that gets more attention then any other and instantly let’s the world know whether you are strong and muscular – or weak and puny – it’s the arms, specifically the FOREARMS.

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The BIGGEST New Years Resolution Workout Mistake!

Here we are at the start of a brand new year, and the gym is going to be packed with people who are all committed to whipping their lazy butts into shape in a hurry. Now while I appreciate their enthusiasm and desire to get in shape, it’s generally short lived. Do you know the BIGGEST mistake that these people make?

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Your New Year’s Muscle-Building Program!

To help kick off your New Year on the right track I want to give you 2 FREE e-Reports that will show you how a simple cycle-diet trick can help you pack on as much as 12 pounds of rock solid fat-free muscle mass this January. Don’t even think about starting a new muscle-building workout or nutrition plan in 2012 until you read this info! It’ll change the way you build muscle – Forever!

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