Can't Build Muscle

HELP, I Can’t Gain Muscle No Matter What I Do…

Lee, I have followed you for a few years. I have attempted every possible avenue to build muscle but I have seen no change. I have added calories, added weights and consumed a ton of protein. Still, no results. I have gained no muscle of any kind. Should I give up or is there another option?

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Triceps Workout

How To Build Bigger TRICEPS – Dumbbell Tricep Workout

When most people think of building up muscular arms, they tend to focus on the biceps. However, the triceps make up 2/3’s of your upper arm mass. So if you want to build bigger arms – you need to focus on growing the triceps just as much, if not more, than the biceps.

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Biceps Workout

How To Build Bigger BICEPS – Dumbbell Bicep Workout

Everyone loves big muscular arms and in this home gym bicep workout you’ll learn how to train all aspects of your biceps for complete muscle development. Build bigger biceps using nothing more than a set of dumbbells and an adjustable bench.

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Home Gym Back Workout

How To Build a V-Shape Back – Dumbbell Back Workout

This workout routine will show you how to build a big, wide, v-shaped back by working out at home using nothing more than dumbbell and bodyweight exercises. Give it a try for yourself and leave me a comment letting me know how you like the home gym dumbbell back workout.

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Dumbbell Chest Workout

How To Build BIGGER Pecs – Dumbbell Chest Workout

This is my first official workout video for 2019. We’re going to kick it off with a muscle pumping chest workout that you can do at home using nothing more than a set of dumbbells and a bench!

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New Year Fresh Start

Do This to start your New Year Off Right

Each New Year brings about a chance for a fresh start… But how was the past year for you? Did it turn out to be as productive as you hoped it would be? If you’re like most people you may have fell short of reaching your goals in one or more areas… What often happens for a lot of people is they maybe successful and do really well in one area of their life, but than fall shoulder in another area.

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Cardio For Fat Loss

Do You NEED To Do Cardio For Fat Loss? (the truth)

Should you do cardio when you want to lose weight and get lean? Well it depends on your individual situation and body type. You’re going to hear mixed reviews and opinions on whether or not you should do cardio for fat loss. Some trainers say cardio is a waste of time and that you should only focus on strength training workouts. While other trainers recommend doing cardio on a regular basis.

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Heavy Grippers Christmas Sale!

Heavy Grips Grippers Xmas Special – Lowest Price Sale! Are you looking for the perfect gift for the Fitness Enthusiast on your list. How about getting them a set of Heavy Duty hand grippers? Build Ripped Muscular Forearms & a Strong Crushing Grip

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Building Muscle After 40 Success Story – Kevin Falcone

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to put a smile on my face and brighten my day, it’s when I get to hear about success stories from my online followers. Today I have a very impressive physique transformation that I’d like to share with you. It’s about a 51 year old grandfather who lost 40 pounds of bodyfat over the past 11 months!

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How Fast Can You Lose Fat? …The Truth…

Losing Weight Is Relatively Easy… Keeping It Off Is The Hard Part. Pretty much everyone who follows a fat loss diet is going to be successful to some degree in losing weight initially. But problems arise when people get impatient and push themselves to do too much, too soon, burn themselves out, and quit in frustration…

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Sample Lean Muscle Building Diet Plan

What you eat on a daily basis has a HUGE impact on your muscle building progress. Many experts say that nutrition accounts for 80% of your gains in the gym. Bottom line, if you don’t provide your body with the raw materials it needs for optimal growth than you are short changing your muscle growth and hindering fat loss.

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Best Shake To Bulk Up

The BEST Protein Shake for Bulking Up!

What is the BEST Protein Shake for gaining weight? If you are skinny and need to bulk up with solid muscular bodyweight, than you’ll want to check this out because it plays a major role in your muscle building diet plan.

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Bulking Diet for Skinny Guys

Bulking up and gaining muscular bodyweight is actually very simple. But most guys over think things and make the process more complicated than it needs to be. In this blog post you’re going to get a simple to follow bulk up diet plan that really works

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Total Fitness Bodybuilding Workout App

Total Fitness Bodybuilding App

The Total Fitness Bodybuilding Workout Gym App is like having your very own Personal Trainer & Muscle Building Coach with you 24/7 right on your smart phone. You’ll get proven muscle building workouts and bodybuilding nutrition programs for all fitness levels from; Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

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Body Types 101

Body Composition 101: Using Old School Techniques To Beat Genetic Limitations

Old School Bodybuilders knew exactly how to craft their bodies into masterpiece physiques using good nutrition and hard work. Vince Gironda was one such bodybuilder who was ahead of his time for unique ideas about building muscle, losing fat, and getting ripped and many of his methods have been validated today by current scientific research

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Healthy Fast Food

Healthy Fast Food Meals for a Bodybuilding Diet

Every now and then you’re going to find yourself in a jam and needing to eat in a hurry. Most people usually resort to fast food, junk food, or some other NOT very healthy foods. But there are Healthy Fast Food Options available if you just look for them.

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Stopping Your Sets Short Of Failure…

Should You Train To Failure or Not? Many guys believe that lifting to failure is the best way to build muscle and I used to feel the same way when I started training. No Pain, No Gain, was my training motto. But there is a fine line and sometimes the risks outweigh the potential rewards.

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The Best Deadlift Grip

The BEST Deadlift Grip – Overhand Grip vs. Mixed Grip vs. Hook Grip

For most people their grip strength is the weakest link when pulling heavy weight. But there are some unique grips that you can use when holding the barbell to increase your grip strength. Find out the pros and cons of the overhand grip, alternate grip, and hook grip.

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Arnold's Bicep Workout

Arnold’s Bicep Workout

Without a doubt Arnold Schwarzenegger was known for his massive high peaked biceps! Even by today’s standards his biceps were world class. One of the training techniques that Arnold used to build his massive arms was Positions Of Flexion bicep workout.

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Farmers Walk Workout

Farmers Walk Workout Finisher

One of the best workout finishing moves that you can do to help build up your grip strength, as well as building functional strength from head to toe, is the Farmers Walk. And this exercise is super simple to do, all you need to do is grab a pair of dumbbells and go for a walk.

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What Age Should You Start Lifting Weights?

What Age Should You Start Lifting Weights?

One of the most controversial issues around weight training is what age should children start lifting. There are a lot of parents who are dead set against letting their children lift weights before they are well into their mid-teenage years or older. But is weight training at a young age really as dangerous as some people think?

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Protein Powders vs. Weight Gainers… (which one should you use?)

What’s the difference between protein powders and weight gainers? What’s the best value for your money? Which one should YOU use to help achieve your muscle building goals?

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Do you lose muscle if you stop working out?

Do You Lose Muscle If You Stop Working Out?

What happens to your muscle when you stop working out? Do you lose muscle? How long does it take to lose muscle after you stop lifting weights? The answer is YES. However, it’s not like you’re instantly going to shrivel away to nothing…

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Increase Your Max Bench Press

How To Bench Press More Weight With Proper Technique

How Much Can Ya Bench? The Bench Press is one of the the most popular lifts in the gym. And it’s one of the lifts that people use to judge your overall strength and muscle progress. In this blog post you’re going to learn how to instantly increase your bench press with proper technique.

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Missing Link in Bodybuilding Nutrition

The Missing Link in Your Bodybuilding Nutrition Program

When it comes to bodybuilding nutrition most people think in terms of the 3 big macro nutrients – protein, carbs, and fat. But there is a MISSING LINK to bodybuilding nutrition that often gets swept under the rug

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Best Body Type For Bodybuilding

The Best Body Type for Bodybuilding

What is the Best Body Type for Bodybuilding? Is it a pure mesomorph or should there be a combination of body types with either ectomorphic or endomorphic characteristics? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this blog post.

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Steeve Reeves Old School Bodybuilding Workout

Old-School Bodybuilders were a completely different breed from the monstrous figures which take to Mr Olympia stage today. They built physiques that were chiseled from raw athleticism, cardiovascular fitness and pure functional strength. Old school bodybuilding placed just as much emphasis on health, vitality and well being as it did on muscle size

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Why New Year’s Resolution Goals FAIL

The harsh reality is that less than 10% of people will achieve their New Year’s resolution goals. Over 90% of them will quit and fail in frustration. In this blog post you’re going to learn how to avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls so that you can join the successful few who actually achieve their fitness goals

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Converting Dumbbell Bench to Barbell Bench

How to convert your dumbbell bench press weight to barbell bench press weight. If you can lift X amount of weight with the dumbbell bench press, how do you convert that number into how much weight you can lift with a barbell bench press

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The Bench Press & Deadlift Dynamic Duo…

On Monday afternoon you can walk into any gym in the country and see several eager young muscle building enthusiasts doing the Bench Press & Deadlift Dynamic Duo – It’s like a workout ritual or right of passage… Don’t ask me why, it just is for some weird unknown reason…

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