Healthy Fast Food

Healthy Fast Food Meals for a Bodybuilding Diet

Every now and then you’re going to find yourself in a jam, pressed for time, and needing to whip up something to eat in a hurry.

Now when most people think of fast food they usually think of “junk food” things like ordering a pizza, or heating up a frozen pizza, going to the drive through window for a greasy burger and fries, or some other NOT very healthy foods…

The problem is that if you make those food choices too often, you’ll end up paying the price with a roll of extra belly fat hanging over your waist line, not to mention all the healthy problems associated with being fat and overweight.

But the truth of the matter is there are “Healthy Fast Food Options” available if you just make the effort to go looking for them.

How The Hayward’s Eat Healthy When Pressed For Time…

One of our staples that we’ll have at the Hayward house at least once a week is to buy a Pre-Cooked BBQ Chicken and a Pre-Made Garden Salad. This is a great source of quality protein and veggies that will fit inline with pretty much any bodybuilding diet, even a hardcore fat loss cutting diet.

Check out the video below to see how to see what I mean… šŸ™‚

Bottom line, don’t fall into the excuse of thinking you have to “Eat Bad” and make “Poor Food Choices” because you are too busy and don’t have time to eat right.

Other fast food options that you can go with are eating out at Subway (or similar restaurant) and order a garden salad with chicken breast or tuna fish added in for some extra protein. You could also go with a sub sandwich on whole grain bread if you’re following a “bulking diet” and need more carbs. Just pass on the soda pop, chips, cookies, and other empty calorie side options.

Pretty much any restaurant that you go to will allow you to order some grilled chicken, meat, or fish. Then you could follow that up with a garden salad and baked potato for a well balanced meal. Even if those foods are not listed like that on the menu, most places will accommodate you it if you ask your server.

It takes just as much time to get and eat a “Junk Food” meal as it does to get and eat a “Healthy Food Meal”. You just need the self discipline to make the best choices that will support your health and fitness goals.


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  • What are some of you “Healthy Fast Food” go to options? Please let me know in the comments below…

  • Jing

    I love tuna!.. when Iā€™m pressed for time I get a lettuce wrap tuna instead of the usual heavy bread sub sandwich.. Jimmy John is my go-to ..