When Should You Have Your Post Workout Shake?

Ask Lee:
When Should You Have Your Post Workout Shake?

Now this may seem pretty obvious…
You should have your post workout shake after you finish your workout… Duh!

However, the confusion comes about when people are doing a weight training workout and then immediately following it up with a cardio workout (which is very common).

So in this case when should you have your post workout shake…
–>> After you finish weight training?
–>> Or after you finish your cardio?

Check out the video clips below for more info…

Note: if you can’t watch the embedded video clip above,
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Note: if you can’t watch the embedded video clip above,
you can watch it right on my YouTube Channel by Clicking Here


My advice is to wait until you finish your Entire Workout, when you have finished all your exercise (meaning both weights and cardio) before you have your post workout shake.

This will be a lot more comfortable on your stomach because it’s no fun trying to do cardio when you have a protein shake sloshing around in your belly. In addition to being more comfortable it will allow you to do your cardio in a fasted state and potentially burn more bodyfat because right after a weight training workout your muscle glycogen is depleted and your heart rate is already elevated from weight training. This will allow you to quickly get into your “Fat Burning Zone” when doing your cardio after weight training.

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  • Danny Filion

    Hi Lee, I’m wondering if i should have a pre & post workout shake if I want to lose fat????
    I am very concern with that? Just to let you know that I go workout as soon as I wake up on a empty stomach! You’re professional advice will be very appreciate!!
    Thanks in advance

  • Danny Filion

    Oh I forgot Lee if the answer is yes should I took of the calorie from the shake????

  • Danny Filion,

    If you are training for fat loss, I wouldn’t have a pre-workout shake. Just get up, get ready, and hit the gym. After your workout you can have a post workout shake. And about an hour after the shake you can have a solid food meal.

  • Morning Lee, 8:30 am I just finished my home gym 1 hr. morning workout, I take every morning my BCAA’s as a Pre-workout energizer as you mentioned I am looking for Fat Loss, When I am working out I DO NOT drink any water ( so I won’t cool down my body and keep it burning ). I also wait 20-30 mintuets after my workouts to drink water or have something to eat. I tend to have 2 hardboiled eggs and a tall glass of water with some pure leomn juice. This is a very simple methed that works for me… Any advise Lee.. Stay Strong Herc.

  • what about afternoon training ?

  • Pierre Fouche

    Hey Lee, this isn’t really part of the subject but could you please just tell me wich option is best. I’m currently cutting and have bought some fat burning supps (caffeine, green tea and all that 😉 oh and this is just 1 supp). The packiging says to take it 30 min before breakfast on an empty stomach. I also do cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

    My question is should I take this supp before I do my cardio or after?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Nelson,

    I personally wouldn’t recommend avoiding water and dehydrating yourself while training. That’s NOT going to speed up your fat loss. When you dehydrate yourself you’ll lower your strength and energy levels. Your body needs to stay hydrated to perform optimally.

  • Hakan,

    This info applies regardless if you workout in the morning, noon, or night. It’s all the same.

  • Pierre Fouche,

    Take your fat burners before cardio and again before weight training on an empty stomach.

  • Todd

    Hey Lee,
    I am taking both ZMA and casein before bed, but it says on the ZMA to take on an empty stomach. I was wondering what are your thoughts on both supplements, and what would be the best timing for taking these together.


  • If possible try to take the ZMA before the protein shake on an empty stomach. This will help it get absorbed better. Then 30 minutes or so later you can have your shake. The reason for this is that the calcium in the protein shake will hinder the absorption of zinc because calcium is the more dominate mineral.

  • Alvin@weight loss inspiration

    I generally find that taking taking post workout shake immediately after working out is best, regardless of whether I want to lose weight or build lean muscle mass.

  • josian

    hi lee:
    i have a question for you:
    is it okay to drink my post workout shake
    30 minutes after my free weights training?
    thank you!
    your friend,

  • leehayward,

    I wouldn’t recommend taking ZMA on an empty stomach… maybe it’s just me but I felt awful when I did that. I always take it with a meal now or before bed.