Vitamins & Minerals Guide To Boost Your Immune System

Vitamin & Mineral Guide To Boost Your Immune System

When it comes to meeting your vitamin and mineral needs, you can’t rely on the RDA (recommended daily allowance) that is set forth by the government. They are antiquated and way too low in many cases.

In fact, the RDA is being revised based on recent research showing that daily dietary needs for vitamins and minerals are higher than originally anticipated.

Keep in mind that the RDA on food labels was established back in 1941 to try and prevent World War II soldiers from getting sick and dieing from vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

It was NOT set for optimal levels of health, fitness, and athletic performance!

The RDA of Vitamins and Minerals is usually set Too Low for most people.

Just because you consume enough vitamins and minerals to stay alive, doesn’t mean that you are consuming optimal levels to maximize your strength, health, and athletic performance.

Even a minor micro-nutrient deficiency could short change the entire muscle building process and bring your gains in the gym to a screeching halt…

Not only that, but a vitamin or mineral deficiency can weaken your immune system. This makes you more vulnerable to getting sick and could hinder your ability to fight off illness or infection – which is a MAJOR concern for EVERYONE today considering what we’re going through right now.

Simply eating A LOT of food doesn’t mean you’re eating healthy…

In fact, it could be just the complete opposite!

We now live in a society where it is possible to overeat to the extent that one becomes obese from excess calories – yet can still be malnourished on the cellular level from a lack of essential nutrients.

Most processed foods today are stripped of their healthy vitamins and minerals and then loaded with preservatives, so they are nothing more than empty toxic calories.

That’s why the average person these days is overweight with health problems.

And for guys who are in the gym working out on a regular basis, you are placing even more demands and stress on your body, and need even more micro-nutrients than the average Joe.

So that’s why I recommend you pay particular attention to your diet to ensure that you are consuming adequate vitamins and minerals to meet your body’s needs.

To help you with this, I’ve put together an Advanced Vitamin & Mineral Guide For Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts!

In this Vitamin and Mineral PDF guide you’re going to Learn the BEST Foods and Supplements to Optimize your Health, Fitness, and Athletic performance. It’s a jam packed 37 page Vitamin & Mineral Guide that you can download at the link below…

Boost Your Immune System with Next Level Nutrition.
Advanced Vitamin and Mineral Guide For Athletes!

When it comes to achieving optimal levels of strength, health, and athletic performance – even a minor micro-nutrient deficiency could short change the entire process and bring your gains in the gym to a screeching halt…

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