Uneven Muscle Development

Do you experience un-even muscle pumps between your left and right sides?

For example, does one arm pump up more than the other? Does one lat, pec, shoulder, etc. get a better pump than the other?

In this blog post you’re going to learn a quick training tip that can use to help fix these uneven muscle pumps…

Having one side of the body better developed than the other is a very common problem that a lot of people experience. If you actually measure your left and right sides, chances are you’ll find that one side is sightly bigger than the other. Now in most causes the difference is only slight, but for some people it can be quite noticeable.

Just the other day I received this question on the Total Fitness Bodybuilding Facebook Page from Warren:

“Hey lee I have a problem when I train I get uneven pumps. When doing barbell rows I always feel it on the right side of my back the left just feels like I haven’t worked it also when doing biceps my left bicep gets pumped and the right just feels flat no burn feel to it I have tried dumbells buts it’s still pumping unevenly also I’m getting imbalances from this.”

While you can purposely focus on working each side of the body equally with exercises that force both sides to handle an equal workload (i.e. dumbbell exercises). This is sometimes not enough, as in Warren’s case.

To help fix these uneven muscle pumps you should pre-exhaust your weaker side before you do your actual weight training routine. This will help you to develop more of a mind muscle connection with your weaker side. And then when you move into your actual weight training workout for that body part you’ll feel it more and get a better muscle pump in that side of your body.

To do this you’ll need to use a rubber resistance band, such as the Body Lastic Bands from http://www.bodylasticbands.com These are heavy duty rubber fitness bands that allow for adjustable tension – you can make the band tension as hard or easy as you need.

Rubber bands work well for this pre-exhuast technique because they provide constant tension on the muscles at all times, and they really allow you to get a good peak contraction in your targeted muscle group.

So in Warren’s case where he has trouble pumping up his left lat, do 1 arm rows for the left side (as shown in the video below). For this perform do high repetitions, at least 20 or 30 reps per set, and really focus on feeling the lat muscle squeeze and contact with every rep.

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The goal is not to lift heavy resistance, but to get a “mind muscle connection” and to help pump up those stubborn back muscles. Shoot for 100 total reps for the weaker side. And then you can move into your regular weight training workout routine. But this time you should be able to get a better pump in your stubborn muscle groups.

This pre-exhaust technique can work for any muscle group that you have an imbalance.
Here are some sample exercises you can use for each body part:

Chest – 1 arm fly
Shoulders – 1 arm lateral raise
Back – 1 arm row
Biceps – 1 arm curl
Triceps – 1 arm push down
Quads – 1 leg extension
Hamstrings – 1 leg curl
Calves – 1 leg calf raise

Keep doing this on a regular basis and you should start to see some noticeable improvements within 6-8 weeks.

You can get your very own Body Lastic Bands at: http://www.BodyLasticBands.com

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  • Austin

    so this may sound dumb. but what side is the weaker side then… the one that gets more pump or the one that gets no pump

    • Usually the side that you have difficulty pumping up will be weaker.