Total Fitness Bodybuilding Talk Show Replay Posted…

I just posted up the replay of last nights Bodybuilding Talk Show at:

During last nights show I covered a lot of killer tips and strategies for blasting
away stubborn bodyfat and getting ripped. Which is appropriate, as the whole
January / New Years resolution fitness theme is generally focused around fat loss.

I went into detail about my personal fat loss diet plan and my bodybuilding contest prep.
How I like to do a “pre-diet” before starting my actual hardcore fat loss contest diet.

I went over the pro’s and con’s of high intensity interval cardio (HIIT cardio)
vs. the lower intensity longer duration cardio when it comes to fat loss.

Talked about what’s the best type of weight training workout when following a fat loss diet plan.

Covered lots of tips for blasting past training plateaus and making new muscle gains in the gym.

So as usual it was an info packed talk show and you can watch the video replay online, or download MP3 recording to listen in on your mobile device.

Just click the link below to download the replay…

Download Bodybuilding Talk Show Replay
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