The BEST Fat Loss Tip for 2013

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As we embark on another New Year many people are setting goals and New Year’s Resolutions for 2013. And one of the most popular goals that people set is to lose weight (i.e. lose bodyfat).

Statistics show that the average weight gain over the Christmas holiday’s is approx. 10 pounds. And now that the new year is here people are looking for fast and easy ways to drop those 10 pounds (and probably many pounds more).

However, a lot of people make fat loss more complicated than it needs to be and end up procrastinating…

“When I join the gym, then I’m going to start losing weight.”

“When I hire a personal trainer, then I’m going to start losing weight.”

“When I find the best fat loss workout program, then I’ll start losing weight.”

“When I get the best fat loss diet plan, then I’ll start losing weight.”

“When I’m not so busy…”

“I’ll start in the spring…”

“I’ll start in the summer…”

“I’ll have to wait until the kids are gone back to school…”


We can all find reasons for NOT getting started, but that’s not going to get you anywhere. You need to realize that things are never going to be perfect. There are always going to be challenges and obstacles in your way. So anticipate them and take action anyway.

And one of the easiest ways to take action and move yourself in the right direction towards your fitness and fat loss goals is covered in the video clip below…

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That’s it, keep it simple and get started now!

If you are looking for a realistic New Year’s resolution that will help improve you in all areas of your life; physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. it would be to EAT LESS & WALK MORE. Make the time to get outside and go for a daily walk.

Walking is something that can be done by almost everyone, it’s so simple and easy, yet it has so many health benefits.

– Walking will burn fat.
– Walking will make feel better, happier, and healthier.
– Walking will make you live a longer life.
– Walking will reduce stress.
– Walking is good active recovery and can help supplement your weight training workouts.
– Walking is a great way to spend quality time with friends, family, and loved ones. Instead of meeting someone for coffee, meet them for a walk instead, and you’ll both feel better.

So my challenge for you this new year, get outside and go for a daily walk, make it a ritual that you follow faithfully. If you commit to this one simple habit and actually walk every single day for 2013 you will be a healthier, happier, and better person because of it.

And as for the eating less part, that’s pretty straight forward. We all know what foods we should NOT be eating. But if you would like some help with this, just click on the link below and download my FREE Bodybuilding Nutrition Made Simple Program. This contains some very valuable eating tips that you can implement in your New Year’s eating plan to lose fat, build lean muscle, and increase your overall health and energy levels.

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So that’s why I’ve put together this easy to follow bodybuilding nutritional guide to help simplify the process and make eating for a lean muscular physique as easy and pain free as possible.

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Lee Hayward is a former competitive bodybuilder and muscle building coach who has been online coaching people since 1997. His work has been featured in several international magazines such as: FLEX, Muscle Insider, Muscle Mag International, Testosterone, Ironmag, and Forbes. Lee's main focus right now is with helping men over 40 - who don't want to be fat anymore - lose the gut, build muscle, and get back in shape. If you're ready to "Start Again" for the last time and finally build a lean healthy body that you can be proud of, just e-mail Lee to discuss a realistic action plan that's right for you...


  • Stephen C.Wilde

    Yes! walking helps alright! I gained about about 2lbs over the Christmas period, but I did have a lot of mince pies, Christmas cake and chocs! I think it would have been a lot more gain if I hadn’t walked for 2hrs a day, I can’t take all the praise for that though! My dog Gurgi insists on it! hahah! he’s a 66lb Irish long legged staffordshire bull terrier, walking by myself would be a bit bland, but with a doggie, especially one that chooses the route himself! I’m a bit soft with him really, I like to let him go where he likes, we both follow his nose sort of thing. Now I’ve restarted my usual exercise and starting to eat like I normally eat, I’m hoping the extra couple of pounds will fade away naturally sort of thing,although now I’m almost 60, it doesn’t seem to go away quite as easily as when I was younger, when I was 30 used to eat a LOT more, especially at Christmas, but 2 weeks after Christmas and doing my usual exercise I was in shape again, without actually dieting, just eating ” as usual”… nice to be young all the time! haha!

  • David Cooprider

    Great advice and it works. Started walking (have yet to master eating less) in mid 2011 and it makes a difference. Not something you see over night, but walking everyday (between 1/2 mile to a mile) cut about 10 pounds in 7 months. Does not sound all that amazing, but at the end of the 7th month I was really excited and now I try to walk every day. I am sure if I ate less it would come down faster….but….I like food!!! So a year and a half later I am down about 21 pounds. Keep at it and it does come around.

  • Josh

    Hey Lee,

    I have a problem that no one else seems to have. When I started working out 2 years ago, I bulked 35 pounds (from 160 to 195). I am naturally ectomorphic and was skinny my whole life. I am 22 years old. Since I bulked to 195, I have been maintaining that weight for about a year, but I have watched my stomach push out more and more, even though I am no longer bulking. Now, at the end of every day, I have a very large gut, noticeable through my t-shirts and even some light jackets. I am afraid that I may have stretched my stomach, because for 18 months straight I forced myself to eat, even when I wasn’t hungry, often jamming a mid-sized meal into my stomach when I was already pretty full. I know that was wrong, but I’m just wondering if you think I stretched my stomach? In the mornings, it’s pretty flat, but pushes out throughout the day with each meal. Because of this, I don’t think it’s just belly fat, but rather an expanded stomach or something like that. My diet now is great, lots of veggies, brown rice, chicken breasts, oatmeal, etc., but my stomach pushes out regardless of this healthy diet. Any advice? Thanks so much in advance.

  • Zina Dresch

    Thank you, but i must say that there are a few things i dont agree with. Thanks

  • wow…..
    it’s so nice scrap for fatty guy.
    I’ll try for me.
    my weight 70kg. i feel not better & comfortable with my friends group hence my all friends are slim & fit. hey I want to loss my fat & get slim body.

    do you have possible? can i weight loss within 1 month?


  • wow…..
    it’s so nice scrap & video for fatty guy.
    I’ll try for me.
    my weight 70kg. i feel not better & comfortable with my friends group hence my all friends are slim & fit. hey I want to loss my fat & get slim body.

    do you have possible? can i weight loss within 1 month?


  • Anthony

    What’s up? Your website is interesting to read, especially with this topic you shared. I’m glad to share this to my friends in my blog site who’ve been looking for interesting topics we could share on the week ahead. Thanks and keep it up!