Stay Warm To Prevent Injuries In The Gym

Simple Tip To Help You Stay
Injury Free This Winter…

As the weather gets cooler outside you need to take some extra precautions when planning out your workouts. You are more likely to pull a muscle, tendon, or ligament and get injured when you are cold compared to when you are warm.

And a simple way to stay warm while working out is to simply dress in layers.

In the winter time I recommend that you keep covered up by wearing a sweat shirt or a hoodie on top of your t-shirt along with gym pants or track pants. This will keep your core body temperature warmer and will also keep your shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and ankles warm as well.

When your body and joints are warm you’ll feel more agile and limber when working out. You’ll have more blood flow and natural lubrication for your joints which can help prevent injury. And if you have a per-existing injury now, staying warm can help to minimize pain and discomfort of that injury and help prevent further damage.

In the winter time you are better off to sweat a little and feel warm during your workouts rather than being too cold. And even if they turn the heat on in the gym, it’s still not the same as working out in the summer time. Your body and joints are colder and stiffer in the winter time compared to the summer time. So taking extra precautions like dressing warmer is recommended.

Check out the video clip below for more info…

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  • Interesting note on sweating. If I’m not sweating (a little) by the time my warmup is done, I’m not warm enough to get to the real work. I can always replenish fluids, but injury recovery sucks. I’ve had zero success in 2.5 YEARS in recovering from, or reducing the effect of, an elbow-tendon injury.

  • Larhonda Edralin

    I’ve recently started a web site, the info you provide on this web site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work. “Yield not to evils, but attack all the more boldly.” by Virgil.

  • This article does not have enough likes – warming up properly is a simple but incredibly useful bit of advice that can save you months or years of injury recovery. Any time you are about to start a high intensity training session make sure you are warmed up and ready to go. I got my shoulder popped by not warming up properly and jumping into some BJJ practice. It is always worth spending that 5-10 mins extra warming up than spending months doing physical therapy.

  • Sorry to say but it’s always warm in Thailand lol still warm up before a work out as the gym is air con.

  • Peter Zimmermann

    Thanks much Lee for your keeping warm in wintertime tutorial. I am living in the Netherlands (also cold in winter), but will spend the entire month of december in South Africa (summer time). Plenty of opportunities for working out along the south coast (indoor and outdoor). Will join your inner circle membership community starting in January 2014. So long!