Squat Technique Tip – Strengthen Weak Hips

Do you have weak hips?

If you have never really focused on training your hips, than the answer is probably YES.

Most guys naturally have weak hips because they rarely focus on training them. We tend to be more focused on the show off muscles of the chest, arms, abs, etc. The average gym rat doesn’t even think twice about working their hips.

However, the hips play a vital role in many of your big compound lifts such as squats and deadlifts. And if you are an athlete, than having strong hips will definitely improve your performance, speed, and agility on the field. The hips are the core for your lower body. The stronger your hips are, the faster you’ll run, the more explosive you’ll be, and you’ll have more stability when quickly moving side to side.

One way to tell if you have weak hips is by your squatting form, if your knees buckle in as you squat down, especially as you work up to lifting heavy weight, than that’s a sure sign that you need to strengthen your hips.

If you have access to the Inner / Outer thigh machine at you gym you can certainly use that to help build up your hip strength.

outer-thigh-machineThe Outer Thigh Machine @ The Gym Is Great For Building Up The Hips.

But if you don’t have access to that machine, than you can make your own by using a rubber fitness band. Just sit on a low exercise bench or an aerobics step. Wrap a rubber fitness band around your knees. And do outer thigh extensions against the resistance of the rubber fitness band.

Rubber Band Outer ExerciseYou Can Make Your Own Outer Thigh Hip Exercise Using A Rubber Fitness Band.

This move will isolate and strengthen your hips, which in turn will help you to improve your squat technique. I’ve posted a video clip on YouTube showing exactly how to set this up and you can watch it below…

Click PLAY To Watch The Video:

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  • gurcan

    Hi Lee,
    I have been following your website for more than 2 years. I suffered from slipped disc approximately a year ago. It was due to an accident when i was performing deadlift and squat. It looks that i recovered % 90 percent from this illness. But i am still afraid of performing deadlift, squat and barbell bend over rowing. Do you advice me begin squating and / or deadlifting.

    Thank you

  • gurcan,

    The key is to start off really light and just progress gradually. Even if you have to start squatting and deadlifting the empty barbell and just go through the motions at first. Then each week simply add 5 pounds (or a couple kilos) to the barbell and progress like that week by week.

  • I could not agree with you any more. So few people even acknowledge the part that hips play in basically most movements in the gym and on the sporting field. Such a important link of the chain and most people never once train it. Good on you for this article- shows that you know your stuff not just posting flavour of the month topics.

  • if you want an exercise to get better at squats, why not just Squat?

  • Keith


    Hi Gurcan,
    I have the same problem as you but not from a gym related accident. There is an amazing yet simple peice of equipment that takes all the stress off of your back but absolutley shreds your quads. I bought the plans and built one, very simple to do. Best results I ever got squatting or otherwise. Designed and patented by a champion bodybuilder with a herniated disc.Have a look at these links: