Save Time By Cooking In Bulk

Hands down one of the hardest parts of bodybuilding is following a proper nutrition program.

Most serious bodybuilders actually enjoy going to the gym, it’s something they really look forward to. For many lifters working out is the highlight of their day, rather than feeling like a chore.

But preparing meals and eating several times a day is usually the challenging part. It’s what consumes the most time and often is what makes or breaks a successful bodybuilding program.

However, a simple tip that you use to make your nutrition program a little bit easier, is to prepare your meals in bulk. Rather than cooking and preparing for 1 meal at a time, prepare and cook for several meals in advance.

It doesn’t take any more time to fire up the grill and cook 10 chicken breasts than it does to cook 1 chicken breast. It doesn’t take any more time to cook up 10 cups rice than it does to cook up 1 cup of rice, or bake 10 potatoes than it does to bake 1 potato, etc.

So when you are in the kitchen and planning out your meals, don’t just think about cooking one meal, always think about cooking for several meals at once. Then all you have to re-heat the left overs for fast meal later on. This will cut down significantly on your meal prep time and save you the confusion of wondering what are going you to eat for your next meal because you’ll already have it prepared in advance.

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Bonus Tip:
When cooking in bulk for future meals, purposely under cook your food like chicken, steak, etc. just a little bit. Then when you re-heat your food later on it won’t dry out and get over cooked.

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  • Alvin@diet shortcuts

    Hm.. Sounds like a good idea, but will the foods be spoilt if it were to be reheated too many times?

  • Alvin@diet shortcuts,

    No, because you only re-heat it once and then eat it.