Muscle After 40 Black Friday Special

💪 Muscle After 40 Blueprint – BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL 💥

If you’re a man over the age of 40 who’s serious about building muscle, losing weight, and doing so without feeling like you’re suffering it out on a restrictive “diet” – Then I might be able to help…⁣

Over the past several years I’ve taken hundreds of guys through my Muscle After 40 Blueprint – which is a step-by-step system to help you get in your best shape without falling into the ALL or NOTHING trap.

Instead of going to extremes – we focus on a long term sustainable and realistic approach of being “Good Enough, But Good Enough Consistently”.

This process allows you to not only lose the weight and get in shape – but more importantly maintain your results for life without suffering on some low carb / low calorie diet – only to quit in frustration when you run out of will power and can’t stand feeling hungry all the time.

The Muscle After 40 Blueprint is about achieving LONG TERM Sustainable Results!This is NOT some “Quick Fix” program where you lose a few pounds over the short term – only to gain it all back again in a few months…

This is about re-programing your mindset, habits, and lifestyle so that you can get in shape and actually enjoy the process without feeling like you’re on a “diet” at all.

So if you are ready to “Start Over” for the last time and finally claim the lean gains you deserve… Without Punishing Your Body… Then the Muscle After 40 Blueprint might be right for you.

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all the best,
Lee Hayward
(Muscle After 40 Coach)

About The Author


Lee Hayward is a former competitive bodybuilder and muscle building coach who has been online coaching people since 1997. His work has been featured in several international magazines such as: FLEX, Muscle Insider, Muscle Mag International, Testosterone, Ironmag, and Forbes. Lee's main focus right now is with helping men over 40 - who don't want to be fat anymore - lose the gut, build muscle, and get back in shape. If you're ready to "Start Again" for the last time and finally build a lean healthy body that you can be proud of, just e-mail Lee to discuss a realistic action plan that's right for you...