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It can be quite a challenge trying to eat healthy when you are away from home. Most fast food and restaurant meals are very high in carbs and high in fat which is definitely not going to help you when dieting for fat loss.

But one meal option that you have available is garden salads. Pretty much every restaurant and many fast food places carry salads these days. And they make a great fat loss meal when you are on the go.

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One place in particular that I like to go is Subway, they can make you a fresh veggie salad on the spot and you get to choose the veggies, which is always nice. Not only that, but it’s pretty cheap as well for a restaurant meal. Here in Canada it’s just $5.50 (the price at the time of this blog) for a big veggie salad. That’s even cheaper than the price of pre-made salads at the grocery store!

If you want to get some protein as well, just ask for a chopped up chicken breast to have on top of your salad and you have the perfect fat loss meal – high in protein, low in carbs, and loaded with high nutrient veggies!

Now just in case you are wondering… NO I’m not sponsored by Subway or anything like that, and you can certainly eat veggie salads at any place that offers them. I’m just telling you what I usually do when I’m out and need a healthy fast food meal.

So the next time you are away from home and need a quick and healthy meal on the run…
Skip the burger and fries and go for a chicken salad instead!

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