Lee's Top 5 Fat Loss Tips

How To Survive The Holidays Without Getting Fat – Lee’s Top 5 Fat Loss Tips!

We’re entering the Danger Zone (i.e. the holiday season) where most people end up gaining a lot of excess bodyfat over Thanks Giving, Christmas, New Years, etc.

And while it would be great if you could just eat whatever you want and still get ripped… Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

However, there are some simple strategies that you can use – My Top 5 Fat Loss Tips – that will help prevent you from gaining fat and actually get leaner over the holidays… Without feeling like you’re suffering it out on an extreme diet or avoiding holiday meals.


Lee’s Top 5 Holiday Fat Loss Strategies!
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Here’s My TOP 5 Holiday Fat Loss Tips To Get Lean!

3:41Holiday Fat Loss Tip # 1
See the “BIG PICTURE” of the Holidays…

7:11Holiday Fat Loss Tip # 2
Prepare for your “Cheat Meals” in advance…

11:14Holiday Fat Loss Tip # 3
Workout Before You Pig Out…

12:37Holiday Fat Loss Tip # 4
Fill Your Plate with Protein and Veggies First…

17:15Holiday Fat Loss Tip # 5
Get back on track and “Start Again” for your very next meal…

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