How To Keep Your Waist Small While Bulking Up

When it comes to bulking one of the biggest problems that most guys experience is that they gain weight alright, but a lot of the weight gained is just excess bodyfat right around the belly. Maybe you’ve experienced this problem yourself.

How do you bulk up while keeping your waist line small?

What’s the secret to bulking without getting fat in the process?

That’s what you’re going to learn in the video below…

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Follow These 3 Killer Tips To Keep Your Waist Slim While Gaining Mass.

# 1 – Avoid The Dirty Bulk…

The trick to successful bulking comes down to your diet. A lot of people use the fact that they are “bulking” as an excuse to eat what ever they want, including a lot of high calorie junk foods like pizza, burgers, fries, sweets, etc. Now unless you are born with a racing fast metabolism, you’re just going to get fat eating foods like this. Very few people can stay lean while eating junk food.

# 2 – Treat Your “Bulking Diet” Like A High Calorie “Fat Loss Diet”…

To stay lean while gaining muscular bodyweight you need to treat your bulking diet very similar to how you would treat a fat loss cutting diet. Focus your eating around clean wholesome bodybuilding foods such as; lean meats, chicken, fish, eggs, potatoes, rice, oatmeal, fruits, and vegetables.

The only difference between a fat loss cutting diet, and a mass building bulking diet is that you’ll be eating more of these foods so that you are in a slight caloric surplus.

It’s actually quite hard to get fat when you’re eating all clean unprocessed foods. But these are the foods will provide your body with the nutrition that it needs to fuel your workouts and build lean muscle, without gaining excess fat in the process.

# 3 – Perform Regular Cardio… (even while bulking)

In addition to your diet you need to incorporate regular cardio as part of your mass building bulk up program. Neglecting cardio while bulking is a big mistake. Regular cardio will help you to make leaner gains and it will help to improve your muscular endurance, aerobic conditioning, and increase your work capacity.

I recommend that you perform at least 3 x 30 minute cardio sessions per week while bulking. Preferably do your cardio on your off days from weight training. This way you can use the cardio as a form of active recovery. The light movement and increased blood flow and circulation from the cardio will clear lactic acid and waste products from your muscles and speed up your recovery while at the same time helping to keep your bodyfat levels low and your waist line slim.

The next time you go on a bulking program, follow these 3 tips so you can make leaner gains!

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  • junior

    Doesn’t doing cardio slow down muscle gains?

    • Cardio will not hinder your muscle gains. In fact, it can actually help with your gains because it will speed up your metabolism, improve blood flow, circulation, and increase your work capacity to handle high intensity training.

  • Arnold Gutierrez

    How many grams of protein and carbs should you eat daily. I started using your 12 week program but I am confused about the nutrition.

  • Ann

    Can females follow this program?

  • Joey

    Arnold Gutierrez,

    The amount of protein you eat is based on your weight (135 lbs= 135g of protein)

  • Joey