How To Customize YOUR Workouts for Maximum Gains

The information that you’re about to learn in this blog post can mean the difference between making good solid muscle gains in the gym, and struggling to make any progress at all. So make sure to read every word…

There are 3 different muscle fiber types that make up your skeletal muscle tissue:

  • Type I muscle fibers – (slow twitch)
  • Type IIa muscle fibers – (fast twitch)
  • Type IIb muscle fibers – (fast twitch)

Type I muscle fibers are typically used in longer duration, lower intensity work such as; walking, jogging, bicycling, etc. These fibers are efficient and have a high capacity for aerobic energy supply, but they have limited potential for force and power output.

Type IIa and IIb muscle fibers are the opposite, they are primarily used in short duration, high intensity bouts of effort such as; weight lifting, powerlifting, sprinting, jumping, and other high intensity activities. These fibers are inefficient for long term work and they fatigue quickly.

Type IIa and IIb fibers are very similar, with the main difference being that the Type IIa fibers have more capillaries surrounding them which gives them a greater resistance to fatigue.

“Ok Lee, that’s all fine and dandy…
…but what does this have to do with me helping me build muscle?”

You see, everybody is genetically pre-disposed to have a dominant muscle fiber type make up in their body. Some people may have more slow twitch fibers and others may have more fast twitch fibers. Which means that you will naturally be better at some activities and worse at others.

At one extreme you have long distance marathon runners who have mostly Type I (slow twitch) muscle fibers. At the other extreme you have powerlifters who have mostly Type IIb (fast twitch) muscle fibers. And than in the middle you have crossfit athletes who have mostly Type IIa (fast twitch) muscle fibers which provide longer duration, high intensity energy output.

Knowing what your pre-dominate muscle fiber type is will allow you to determine how your body is going to respond to different weight training programs, because – Not Every Workout Program Works For Every Body!

If you try and blindly copy someone else’s workout program it may not work as well for your body type as it does for their body type.

That’s what often happens when you try and follow a pro bodybuilder’s workout program from the muscle magazines. Unless you have a similar muscle fiber make up as they do, the workout program is NOT going to work as well for you as it does for them.

This is why there is so much confusion regarding productive bodybuilding training.

…One person may recommend doing 3 sets of 10 reps.

…Another person will say that doing 5×5 is the best way to go.

…And yet, someone else maybe making gains from banging out sets of 20+ reps.

It’s not that one person is right and the other is wrong, it’s just a matter of knowing what works best for YOUR body and muscle fiber type.

That’s where the Gene Expression Training System can help. It explains how to customize your workouts to match to your pre-dominate muscle fiber type. By following workouts that are customized to your body type you’ll radically accelerate your gains, reduce injuries, and boost your fat-burning metabolism so that you can actually see the results from your workouts.

==>> How To Customize Your Workouts For Maximum Muscle Gains.

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Lee Hayward is a former competitive bodybuilder and muscle building coach who has been online coaching people since 1997. His work has been featured in several international magazines such as: FLEX, Muscle Insider, Muscle Mag International, Testosterone, Ironmag, and Forbes. Lee's main focus right now is with helping men over 40 - who don't want to be fat anymore - lose the gut, build muscle, and get back in shape. If you're ready to "Start Again" for the last time and finally build a lean healthy body that you can be proud of, just e-mail Lee to discuss a realistic action plan that's right for you...


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  • junior

    I am following your 12 week mass and power program.I am following a clean diet 30/40/30 but I am gaining some fat.I live a sedentary life,the only exercise I do is in the gym so I cycle my carbs. I want to add cardio in my workout, but I am will slow down or keep me from gaining the mass I could gain. What should I do? When I was younger I did a similar program and I gained lean mass without cardio. I have not started cardio because I have never done cardio. I usually rest less between sets (H.I.T.) or superset. What do I do?

    • Performing cardio will help you make leaner gains. It will not hinder your muscle growth. Virtually all competitive bodybuilders perform regular cardio as part of their training programs.

  • junior

    Thank you for taking time and answering my question.I trust you and I thank you for all the knowlede you share. I will start doing cardio immidiately

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