Build Bigger Bicep Peak With Dumbbell Hammer Curls On The Preacher Bench

When it comes to building bicep peak 2 of the best exercises you can use are the Hammer Curl and the Preacher Curl.

Hammer Curls help work the brachialis, which is that “bump” of a muscle that’s between the biceps and triceps. The brachialis muscle looks awesome when developed because it adds more lines to the arms and just makes them look even more impressive and full when flexed.

Dumbbell Hammer Curls

Preacher Curls help to fully stretch out the biceps and isolate the muscle. Simply by bracing your arms against the preacher bench when curling will eliminate body momentum and force all the workload on the bicep muscles.

Bicep Preacher Curls

And you can literally combine both of these moves into one Killer Bicep Blasting Exercise by doing:
Dumbbell Hammer Curls On The Preacher Bench!

This is an awesome isolation exercise that you can do either as a pre-exhaust move at the beginning of a bicep workout, or as a finishing move at the end of your workout.

I’ve posted up a quick video clip below demonstrating this exercise in detail…

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Give this exercise a try in your next arm workout and then leave me a comment below letting me know how it works for you!


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  • james

    thx lee. isnt there a bar which would make this exercise possible also? i had an old gym that had a curl bar which was able to give you that neutral grip to use on the preacher curl. would that be just as effective

  • Nice one Lee

    Keep em coming bro

  • denis

    Thankx lee i realy see what am working out coz everything is now changing seriously and am following your procidures but i wann aask u about HEMO RAGE is it fine to the bigners thanks those staff is realy real and pefect its so good .

  • GREG


    thx lee. isnt there a bar which would make this exercise possible also? i had an old gym that had a curl bar which was able to give you that neutral grip to use on the preacher curl. would that be just as effective

    I Think your on about the tricep bar.

  • Excellent video and great tips!

    I have a fascination with the brachialis muscle. I feel that it really gives your arms a complete finished and polished look when it’s developed and popping out.

  • Keith Brewer

    I have had three neck & back surgerys during my military career. When my vehicle was hit with gun fire my driver crashed it and brock my neck. my traps saved my life “thanks genetics” but even today with militiary press, seated high back shoulder pulls and reverse cross cables, I cant get my rear delts to come out. My traps always take the load. What can I do? Please help as I know that this will stabilze my bench even further so I can reach my 450 bench again.

  • Thomas J Ahern(Irish)

    Many people would probably like to have this problem! I have used many biceps exercises but it always gets the muscle shape of a softball or a ball shape stuffed in my arm. Is there any bicep exercise,maybe a different angle,that will avoid this? I have tried,lighter wts & higher reps,heavier wts & less reps,heavir wts & higher reps,etc.,& I still get the same results.Any ideas would be appreciated!
    Thanks,Tom (Irish-nickname)



    Hey Lee!

    Like this combo exercise….gonna give it a try next time i do BICEPS!

    TKS BRO….

  • denzil

    It’s a must for me to try out on my arms day like the girondo front squat & back work if it is anything like that I know that I’m in for a good pump in my arms. Big up Lee Heywood.

  • yogi

    Lee Excellent tips for all bodybuilders , pls keep it.

    thanks a lot Lee

  • Kevin

    Good luck tomorrow Lee!

  • dean

    THANKS LEE for the Super videos and teachings, this one really worked my forearms and biceps HARD. Got a real good pump to. I will add this one often to my arm days

  • Lee! really great job and superb teaching. Lee is great……………………..

  • I love doing Preacher curls, but I have never considered doing dumbbell curls. I am going to try this tomorrow – its arm day!

  • Mark Kapaona

    Thank You Mr. Hayward. I was wondering what is the difference of doing the Hammer Curls vs Regular Curls? Is it the same? I have tried to do Hammer curls and i feel the difference of my whole biceps muscle working as in a regular curl i feel like it is only working that one top bicep muscle. But other than that i am feel much better using your program. i have started on another cycle of the 12 week program but am doing much heavier weights. thank you for all that you have done for people that would love to get in shape. Aloha from Afghanistan Mark Kapaona

  • james,

    Yes, there is a bar that uses the same angle. It’s called a “Tricep Bar”. I don’t know why they call it that… you can certainly use it for a lot of other muscles besides triceps.

  • denis,

    I’ve never used that one myself so I can’t really comment on it specifically.
    The pre-workout energy drink that I use myself is Extreme Rush by

  • Keith Brewer,

    I’ve got a good YouTube video that you should check out at:

    “Rotator Cuff Exercises For Rehabing Shoulder Injuries”

  • Thomas J Ahern(Irish),

    That’s not a problem, that’s actually a good thing 😉

  • Mark Kapaona,

    No hammer curls and regular curls hit the arms from different angles and work different muscles. Just look at the diagrams in the blog post above to see the differences.