Good Lower Back Exercises…

One of my personal favorite exercises to finish off a back workout is the hyper extension.

This really targets the lower back and will both stretch and strengthen the entire prosterior chain. This is critical for preventing back related injuries that are so common these days.

There are 2 variations of the hyper extension that I like to include in my workouts. One is the standard variation that works the lower back, hips, glutes, and hamstrings. The other is a more isolated lower back variation that really targets the spinal erectors.

I like to alternate back and forth and do 2-3 sets of both variations to really get a great lower back workout.

Check out the video below to see how to perform both hyper extension variations. Give them a try in your next back workout and then leave me a comment below to let me know how they work for you…

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  • This looks like a pretty fun exercise.

  • ace

    That would actually be a pretty good idea for me, I had herniated discs years ago and only strengthen my back by intense yardwork ie:splitting wood by hand etc..sometimes we get so “hung up” on the freeweights in the gym we dont remember to do these things..thanks again Lee, Ill start ending my work outs with these..

  • Sean

    I workout at home so I use my flat bench and hold myself with my legs and ankles at one end of the bench while lowering myself to the floor at the other end. I do these slowly and very controlled at the end of my back routine. I too had a herniated disc so this keeps me strong. I have very tight hip flexors so I had to drop deadlifts from my back routine. ;-(

  • Nice Lee, You are loosing a lot of weight, you will be ok for the bodybuilding competition!

  • Lynner

    Awesome, I am looking for something to help strengthen my lower back which goes out bad every time I get pretty good at excercise. Thanks so much!

  • Pine

    How about Good Morning exercise? Doesn’t it free-weight and strengthen the lower back too?

  • Great variation Lee! Thanks for the tip!

  • Johnmci

    @pine, yes, as lee said he does these after his back workout.
    great tip lee, will try. Looking good for comp!!!

  • Old Pete-From UK

    I have been doing the first for many years – great to see some good reliable “old fashioned stuff” being promoted. Tried the second one and it really stretches you out and feels really good.

  • Rudy

    tnx Lee.
    lower back exercises are important exercises which should not be neglected…

  • devoul

    i was using deadlifts at the end of ma back schedule, but after watching this i also tried out in gym & i found comfort and effective exercise for back
    Thank you so much mr. lee

  • good result. thanks for tip lee.

  • Miguel

    Lee, great advice like always! By the way, keep the hairstyle! You look younger bro!

  • ruben

    hey good deal boss works good thanks for all the 411 gonna give ur props when i make it to the pros stay on tip godbless u man .