Fresh VS Frozen Chicken Breasts

Fresh VS. Frozen Chicken Breasts…

What are the pros and cons of each?
& Which one should you eat?

Chicken breasts are a staple food in most bodybuilding nutrition programs because it’s a fantastic source of lean protein. But when you add it up, day in and day out, all that chicken costs A LOT of money.

You Get What You Pay For…

To help cut down on the costs many bodybuilders will buy frozen chicken breasts, which are generally cheaper than fresh chicken. However, most frozen chicken breasts are pumped full of soy, sodium, and other fillers to help “plump up” the chicken breasts, add weight, and make them bigger.

If you find that after cooking your frozen chicken breasts that they shrink a lot and there is a lot of white gunk that comes out of them, that’s a sign they are low quality frozen chicken breasts. You are much better off eating fresh chicken instead as this is the best choice in terms taste and quality, but fresh is more expensive than frozen chicken.

A Cheap & Healthy Alternative…

A good affordable alternative to boneless skinless chicken breasts is boneless skinless chicken thighs. They are about the same price as the frozen chicken breasts, but much healthier because they don’t have all the added preservatives and fillers.

Granted, there will be a little more fat and calories in chicken thighs because they are a dark meat. But if you are following a high calorie bulking diet this isn’t a big deal because the extra fat and calories will help. However, when you are following a low calorie cutting diet you should stick to eating fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts instead.

Keep An Eye Out For The Discounts…

The good news is that grocery stores regularly put fresh chicken on sale, sometimes as low as half price. So keep an eye on the grocery store flyers and when you see a sale like this you should stock up and fill your freezer. This way you can make your own healthy frozen chicken breasts from the fresh ones. And save money in the process.

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to eat for your bodybuilding nutrition program…

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  • Lee,

    Interesting post, but some things we might want to consider. Thighs are, indeed, the fattest part of the chicken, mainly because there is a little-finger-sized slug of fat inside it that usually doesn’t cook out. Ironic, then, that thighs (including turkey thighs) are used as a substitute for ham because fowl usually has less fat, but the fat inside the thigh raises the fat level of the “low-fat” Chicken/Turkey ham to a higher figure in grams per serving than real ham! Also, “Ground Turkey) includes the skin, which is a big source of fat! Best to get rid of the chunk of fat inside the thigh by cutting it out beforehand. Also, there is a ridge of fat inside the chicken/turkey breast that also needs to come out before cooking. When properly pre-prepared, turkey and chicken are Great! sources of protein..

  • I buy cagen chicken a little more expensive but corn feed and larger than an average chicken I get this from my local farm including my pork beef turkey lamb. I know it’s fresh and cheaper than the supermarket.

  • mounir

    ive been using frozen chicken breast for almost 2 years now from the same brand and it didnt acure to my mind to actually check the nutrition table behind the bag and when i did that was the big shock i used to count every chicken breast that i eat as in from 20 to 25 percent of it is protein and it turned out that its 11.5 !!!!!!! which means i need to eat minimum from 4 to 5 per meal if i want it to be healthy and full of protein wtffff am better off leave this and go back to the fresh ones am really disappointed really

  • Marya

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