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Happy 4th of July to all my American friends
and a Happy belated Canada Day to all my Canadian friends… 😉

In celebration of these 2 National Holidays I thought I’d do something interesting and
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Hardcore Muscle Building
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Take your physique to the next level of muscular development by incorporating high-level training methods from some of the world’s top bodybuilders and powerlifters. These advanced workouts will allow you to instantly increase your strength while safely pushing your body past the point of muscular failure. This kind of hardcore training will stimulate explosive growth in those dormant muscle fibers that never get activated during “normal” workout programs.

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Regardless if you have purchased a program from me, or you are just following the “free” advice that I share, please let me know how the info that I share here has helped you with your bodybuilding and fitness goals.

Please take a couple minutes and write out a detailed response…
–>> I’d like to know your name and where you are from.
–>> How you first found out about my website.
–>> The programs have you followed.
–>> How these programs have helped you get bigger, stronger, leaner, etc.

If you know the specific numbers as to how much muscle you gained, how much bodyfat you lost, how much your strength has improved, etc. please include those numbers as well.

And if you want to earn “extra brownie points”, you can even include Before & After pictures of your results!
Note: you can upload pictures to
and link to them in your blog comment below.

The first 100 people who send me in a detailed comment below will get a
FREE Copy of The Hardcore Muscle Building e-Book Program!

I’m looking forward to reading your comments below!

I know we’ve gone WAY OVER 100 comments, so to make it fair for everyone. I’ll still give you a FREE copy of the e-book if you post your “Before & After” pictures along with the following…

– Your name and where you are from.
– How you first found out about my website.
– The programs have you followed.
– How these programs have helped you get bigger, stronger, leaner, etc.
– The specific numbers as to how much muscle you gained, how much bodyfat you lost, how much your strength has improved, etc.

Note: you can upload pictures to
and post the link to them here in your blog comment.

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Lee Hayward is a former competitive bodybuilder and muscle building coach who has been online coaching people since 1997. His work has been featured in several international magazines such as: FLEX, Muscle Insider, Muscle Mag International, Testosterone, Ironmag, and Forbes. Lee's main focus right now is with helping men over 40 - who don't want to be fat anymore - lose the gut, build muscle, and get back in shape. If you're ready to "Start Again" for the last time and finally build a lean healthy body that you can be proud of, just e-mail Lee to discuss a realistic action plan that's right for you...


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  • Ted Vary

    Lee, having retired at 65 as an overweight, rotund (196 lbs, 5’9″, 40″ waist) good lunch addict, I trawled the net for advice about sorting the problem. I found your site to be one of the best, and have followed your tips and techniques whenever I can get to a gym. Attached are pictures of the results. Keep up the good work,
    Ted Vary
    Camberley, UK

  • avihai

    its a great website to people that like to work out and want to SEE resoults!!!!!
    thank you lee!!!

  • avihai

    i also want to say that website on my self!!!!! and i keep following the e mails-whats is wonderfull to got know your body much better!!!!

  • Todd hall

    Unfortunately i do not have any before or after pics. I have followed you throughout my weight loss journey and have used your “Blast Your Biceps” program and Loved it. Your tips have also helped me stay injury free in the weight room. I have lost 60 lbs of “fat” and gained 8 pounds of muscle.

    Thanks Lee! Couldnt have done it without you! I have my life back!

  • Nathan

    Hi Lee.My name is Nathan.Im a 33 year old “lazy ass”.I wasn’t always this way.I grew up on a huge hay farm.I bailed hay all summer, delivered it during the winter and worked hard all year round doing everything from feeding the livestock to chopping wood. . . LOTS of it.When I moved out I was about 130 LBs (not toned or anything but almost no body fat.I still stayed active for a couple years but that only lasted for so long.

    I bought a playstation when they came out and started finding myself inside playing that more and more.My diet went from an almost 100% home grown garden and home raised livestock to fast food, junk food and instant meals.I knew we ate healthy but I really knew nothing of nutricion.

    After a couple decent jobs and some money in my pocket I built my first PC from scratch and to keep this “life story” short I find myself sitting inside most sunny days blowing up other lazy asses who were also just sitting inside getting fat like me.

    Ive known for a while I was getting over weight and this summer at 195 LBs I decided to do something about it.I joined a local gym based on quite a few of the recommendations in one of your youtube videos.There is a large group of power lifters and BIG guys there.A pretty good split between machines and free weights and several cable machines that I really like.

    I have spent quite a few hours reading and rereading “Bodybuilding Nutrition Made Simple” and watching your various work out videos through youtube while recovering from my workouts.Ive been working out for about a month now.I’m sore every time I leave the gym but It’s that good kind of sore where you know you hit the areas you wanted to hit and Once this extra padding melts off I look forward to seeing the fruits of all this hard work and sweet.

    Thanks for putting all of this fantastic information up. Quite a few of your nutrition suggestions have been incorporated into our kitchen to help keep the rest of my family healthy.You have taken that extra step to educate people and inspire me at least to be better for my children and family.Thank you again and keep up the good work.

    It is very generous of you to extend your offer to anyone who posts with the information you have asked for. I want to thank you again for putting so much information out there for anyone to learn from. Ill provide as much information as I can but since I am so new to the gym and to your site I don’t feel that just posting a before picture would do you and your information any justice. I would be happy to post some progress pictures in a month or two.

    Nathan from Lansing Michigan.

    I found out about your site from youtube. I went there to find videos on proper form, equipment usage, etc and every time I clicked on a video about a different routine there you were with an eagerness to teach anyone who was willing to watch.

    No programs yet. I am doing a lot of elliptical work and light weight lifting to get into shape so I am not out of breath after only 10 or 15 minutes of my workout. Once I’m in better shape and more knowledgeable about the equipment and weights in my gym thinking about the 21 day fast mass building program.

    As I stated before I am still in my first month at the gym so Ill have to update how your advice and other information has helped me at a later date.

    I will say that just the changes in the diet have made significant changes to my energy level in the gym, at work and at home. Like you, I workout after work, which for me is early in the AM since I work third shift, and that helps to put me right to sleep providing a much more full sleep. I sleep better than I have in a long time.

    Thanks again and I hope to post some results in the near future.


  • michel

    Hi lee, my name is Michel, I’m lebanese, I first found out about your articles on the web, bought 21 days fast mass, with bonuses like hardcore training, precontest training, etc, so far I gained 25 pounds of lean muscle, and went down in fat from 16% to 9%

  • BIFF


  • sandeep

    Info here is really beneficial….

  • paul warmbold

    grate tips on your website lee im 43 years old and geting bigger and stronger thanks.

  • Cee Ryda


  • bry

    Hey Lee, I’m 14 and have learned so many muscle building tips form u. Thanks!

  • Erik Janzen

    I wrote a posting today. Is it possible that my posting has been deleted???

  • Todd

    Hi Lee I’m Todd from South Mississippi. Love the blog loads of good, sound, practical advise. Found your site via the 21 Day Fast Mass program.

    21 Day Fast Mass was the first program to really put any size on my frame. In only one cycle of the 21 day Fast Mass I packed on 15 lbs of lean muscle. About 20 lbs total. Was a bit difficult to follow the diet (working in Iraq, eating in a dining facility), so I put on a bit of fat.

    Plan to try it again after I recoupe from a MESSED UP rotator cuff. No Fun.

    Thanks for all the info you provide. (Sorry do not have any pictures available).

    Thanks again for everything you do for us.


  • Erik Janzen

    Erik Janzen,

    Let’s try again. My name is Erik, and I am from Düsseldorf in Germany. I am 34. About 7 months ago a friend showed me your website and the E-book ‘Body building Nutrition Made Simple.’ Since then I have been regularly reading your website and your blogs, which I think are great. It really motivated me to work out 3 times a week in the Gym (in line with your information from the website blogs) and I changed my Diet (with help of ‘Body building Nutrition Made Simple’). In any case since then I have lost 7 kg, and I assume fat. And I have got a lot stronger by following your advice. I think this is a pretty good result for a little more than half a year. I don’t have any more numbers since I am rather a beginner at this.

    My goal is to reduce my body fat percentage and to gain more muscle. So I can’t wait to read your E-book ‘Hardcore Muscle Building’ this should give me even more potential to reach my goal. Thanks for helping all of us with your website and everything else you do.

    Best regards,

  • Lawrence


    Whether I get the free bonus gift or not, I do want to comment on how much I’ve learned from you over the years. (And believe me, I really would love to get a hold of the free eBook you’re giving away).

    I’ve been following your newsletter since 2005. I have always been athletic, tall, lean, more of a distance runner build. When my 50th birthday was coming up, I had decided that I want to get bigger, more muscular, more cut. “Knowledge is power” is the old saying, and it is true. I am not a bodybuilder, but I work out consistently, I’m disciplined. I needed to know why changes rarely appeared. So I started reading, experimenting with the various tips and training routines you have provided over the past six years.

    And they work! I am soon to be 56 years old and I am probably in better shape now than I’ve ever been. I’m way bigger, cut, and feel great about my body. I’ve learned the value of proper nutrition, of consistently tweaking one’s training, keeping things fresh, and that “rest days” are actually part of training and getting bigger. I grew up in the era of, “if a little bit is good, then a lot must be better!” And, of course, there was the “no pain, no gain” motto, which has left a lot of people I know, with chronic injuries.

    Intensity is everything, listen to your body, never stop learning or asking questions, and take time to enjoy life…thanks for all you have done for all of us!

    Lawrence Hendrick
    Edmonton, Canada

  • Doug

    Hey Lee,

    I’m Doug from NJ. I first found your website a couple years ago when I was searching on Google for new workouts. I found you and your friend Vince Del Monte at about the same time. I followed both of your free advice for a while. I have your 21 Day Fast Mass Program, as well as Blast Your Biceps. I have done the FMB program several times since it came out, and have seen great results. I am currently on another program by Kyle Leon, but plan on doing FMB again in two weeks when I’m done, and following that up with BYB.

    I had surgery on my leg last year, and did nothing until around Thanksgiving. I started training again at that point and went from 195 lbs and 29% bf to 160 lbs and 13% bf right now. I am very happy about that, but would like to get below 10% in the near future. My bench has always been a problem, but with your programs, I have gone from 125 lb for 10 reps to 175 lbs for 10 reps. My other numbers have gone up accordingly.

    The biggest thing that I have noticed is that I am back in shape and am getting lean again. I played soccer for 14 years of my life and have always been an athlete. I want to get back in that shape and build muscle. Your programs have helped me to do this.
    The before pictures below are from November 2010, and the After pictures are from July 2011. I have done several programs during this time, but mainly the FMB program.



  • jerrythangboi

    dear coach it will be great , i mean awesome if you could just let me gift your e-books for free i will be thankful to you and work hard to aim my goal.

  • dear coach i really like that.

  • Hi Lee! love all your workouts, your tips are awesome and really helpful. Yeah, wanted to purchase the competition preparation book but couldn’t do it. I especially loved your complete chest workout and truly they are useful and they really work the entire chest. I believe I have a chest which people ask me what I do, and I told many of them to check your website and your you tube video regarding chest workout with your wife. Also, the ab workout on youtube also stresses on the complete Ab development. Rectus Abdomins, Serratus, Obliques, and especially lower abs. God bless you. Hope to see more and more informative stuff from you. And yes, if i get this book i will be more than happy and thankful to you.

  • Hey Lee, I’m pretty new to your website and stuff, but I’ve been taking tips from a few of your guides and freebies etc… as I can’t pay for things over the internet.

    Well, I have a picture from a few months ago, which isn’t me tensing as such but is the closest thing I have. I’ve now just been and taken a picture of myself and I’m pretty happy with the results.
    I’ve always had a pretty visible set of abs (Not tensing them in this picture, focussing on the arms/chest), but I wasn’t too strong in the arms, I started off lifting about 45kg, and I’m now lifting 70kg (bench press).
    I’m also lifting about 40kg bicep curls (2 handed) which I’m pretty happy with.

    I’d like to thank you for all of the tips you’ve given. I read all of the emails you send out as well. I especially like the bicep curling method of slowly releasing the curl and using one arm while placing the other on your bicep (pretty recent, very effective).

    Anyway, here’s the pictures, thanks once again.



  • I didn’t do this exactly correctly with my last post, so here are the extra bits to my above post (same name, same email, same site). Sorry for any inconvenience.



    – Your name and where you are from. —
    George Platt, Liverpool, England.

    – How you first found out about my website. —
    Searching youtube for videos.

    – The programs have you followed. — All of the emails sent out for the past couple of months, and a lot of videos to do with bicep techniques.

    – How these programs have helped you get bigger, stronger, leaner, etc. —
    I mainly learnt how to use the techniques properly for the bench-press and bicep curl. I haven’t attempted a “dead-lift” or a “squat”, I’m not too confident with it yet.

    – The specific numbers as to how much muscle you gained, how much bodyfat you lost, how much your strength has improved, etc.
    I haven’t done a calculation, but I’ve put on weight in muscle, as I have hardly any body fat, this is because I had open heart surgery, as you can see down my chest in my images.

  • carlos

    Thanks you Pete, receive the best wishes for you and team from Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Vishwanath

    Hi Lee, I am Vishwanath from India, (Mumbai). With the help of your work out guidance I had made small Gym on my terrace. I like your articles.

    I m 43 years old. I can’t afford Professional Gym. But, I am regularly watching ur tips and its really works. My arms increased by some inches.

    Thanks Lee! I Couldn’t have done it without your support

    loves you Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks, once again.

  • Guppie

    great stuff it

  • john arp

    thanks so much lee …it has helped me in many ways ….you keep me looking forward to my work outs ..the info is simple but smart …Of all the info out there your ideas I trust and work….I am 54 and look much younger but best of all it has improved the quality of life…i can do more and and better ….travel and see things that i would need rest otherwise….I wish I had a before and after pic…please keep the e-mails coming…thanks again ..John Arp

  • janith

    thanx man your the best

  • Nima N Lama

    Hi Lee,
    finally figured how to upload pics here 😛
    so anyway here it is…

    Name: Nima Norbu Lama
    Location: Darjeeling, India

    How I found out about your website:
    Well actually I came across your website way back in 1999 when I was about 15yrs old and very-very skinny. I’ve been involved in martial arts since I was 13 and I needed to gain size to fight with the big boys, and as I was interested in bodybuilding since I was 7, I thought maybe I should start building some muscles when I was 15 just so that I could take more hits and I could do more damage to my opponents 🙂 and thats when I searched for bodybuilding websites and came across your’s.

    The Programs I followed and their results:
    It was not until 2007 when I actually started lifting weights seriously, till then it was just a very casual thing,thats why I guess I never made any proper gains and in any case, since I always had trouble gaining weight and size, I thought thats how its going to be all my life. I was naturally very athletic, I was very good in martial arts (semi-contact, full contact, freestyle etc), but I was just skinny, very very skinny, I guess its also because of my oriental origin, I don’t know.
    So I did alot of research on bodybuilding but everywhere I went (places and websites), they just made it sound so complicated with numbers and training and supplements and gym equipment and what not, which obviously discouraged me alot. Then I went back to good old where I rediscovered how simple bodybuilding is, simple language, simple theories, simple training methods etc etc etc, and that really left me in high spirits.
    I started out with the beginners 12 week workout program which gave me good strength and a proper foundation of weight training, and then I did a few things of my own in the middle and then again I did the 3day Mass workout where you train chest, legs, back and shoulders 3days a week, well that gave me some awesome results, strength wise and muscle development wise as well, even now every now and then I do that workout.
    I rely so much on your 3day mass workout routine that I used it to gain my strength back when I had an accident back in 2009, breaking my right ankle in 3 places, but now I am better than before 🙂
    Then again I am not very regular with my workouts as I get hurt every now and then, due to full contact martial arts, but now am shifting my focus to weight training more, and as for supplements, well I don’t take much of them, maybe just whey protein now and then.
    Now am trying to build more quality muscles than quantity body weight, so anyway thanks for the help LEE, am looking forward to your e-book, that may help me with my goals 🙂

    Thanks alot again

    so there are 2 before and after pics, which shows my progress from 2007-2008 and another image file that shows my present condition, I have not only gained size and strength for my full contact sports but also kept my flexibility through stretching exercises… … man i feel like VAN-DAMME 😀

    before and after


  • Ryan Tolton

    i am ryan tolton from newdale manitoba canada, i first found out about your website when i was searching the internet for training help, i have followed every program, and it has helped me in a great way i feel healthier, i have gained more muscle mass, i can do much more work without getting tired or sore.

  • Wayland Ren

    I enjoy reading your advice in BB. I was 210 lbs and now
    With your guidance I’m down to 183 lbs, thanks you very much
    for your help. Will tell others about you.:)

  • allen from lexington

    Wayland Ren:
    I enjoy reading your advice in BB. I was 210 lbs and now
    With your guidance I’m down to 183 lbs, thanks you very much
    for your help. Will tell others about you.:)

  • Your name and where you are from.

    Hi Lee,

    I am Andrew Kirby from Newcastle, UK (I am your biggest fan here in the UK)

    One day when I become a training and nutritional coach I will have to meet up with you as I have so so much to talk about with you I would love to sit down and talk everything related to training.

    The specific numbers as to how much muscle you gained, how much bodyfat you lost, how much your strength has improved, etc.

    I have learned lots from you which has helped me lose 40lbs 201lbs around 25% body fat and now I am down to 161lbs 12-14% body fat. I cannot hand pick certain information you have blogged about but I have learned new things everyday from you I never knew about in areas like nutrition, training and how to improve my lifestyle and picking whats going to improve my progress this is where I learned from you how to goal and target set to reach a specific goal. When I set a goal back 18 weeks ago to lose 40lbs and reach it bang on time its because you motivated and inspired me to achieve that deadline. Your bodybuidling weekly talk show has been a great help in learning new tips and techniques to add to my own personal training and nutritional plan.

    How you first found out about my website.

    I found out about you from your good friend Rob King then ever since then I have followed you on Facebook, Youtube and on here and will not stop following you ever as you are my favourite bodybuidling and physique coach 🙂 !!!

    The programs have you followed, How these programs have helped you get bigger, stronger, leaner, etc.

    I havent yet followed any particular programs of yours but when I am ready to change into the mass building phase I am going to buy 21 day fast mass building as I love the concept of it as it really works just gotta look at the progress huge amounts of people have made with 21 FMB to know its a solid system.

    I would also love to try your hardcore muscle building programme HINT HINT

    I lost my before pic when I had tech fault with my computer which I am still mad at lol but I have got a recent pic from a few days ago if thats any good to you

  • Md Lutfor Rahman

    Hi Lee i’m a big fan of u, following ur steps & having successful results, i love ur eBook. u r my boss. thanks a lot.

  • aimo

    Hi Lee!
    I went to the address, you gave me to upload my before and after photos, some taken to-day. How will I send them to you and continue thereafter?
    Your friend and customer Aimo wishes you continued happiness and prosperity.

  • Mike

    Hi Lee,
    I’m an old newby, I’m 37 have been working out regularly for the last year or so. I really like the new ideas you share and your emails help motivate me when I am feeling lazy. I am 5′ 10″ my starting weight was 245, I am down to 225 now. and I am up 100 pounds on my bench. I have three small kids, so I work out at home and your input is nearly all I get. Thanks Lee

  • Justin Longenberger

    Hey Lee,

    My name is Justin Longenberger, and I’m from Cleveland, OH. As I mentioned in my previous post above, I was 242 lbs and had a size 40 inch waist this time last year. I knew that I had to make some major changes in my life. So, after spending an eternity reading and researching about fitness online, I came across your website and began following your 12 week workout program. Right now, I’m 175 pounds and have a 32 inch waist. Your blogs have been such a tremendous help to me in achieving my fitness goals. Not only have I put on 15 pounds of muscle, I’ve received numerous compliments from all my friends and family about how great I now look. Thank you for all your help!

    Here is a pic of me on my wedding day at 242 pounds:

    Here is a pic of me 1 year later with my wife:

    Thanks again!


  • Justin Longenberger

    Sorry, the last pic didn’t come through. Here’s the link for my now pic:

  • Justin Longenberger

    Ok, guess my computer wants to be uncooperative in copying the link to the last pic. Hope that the above info will suffice for the e-book, Lee!

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