Got Elbow Tendonitis Pain? Try this unique exercise…

One of the most common injuries or problems you’re going to hear about in the gym is Elbow Tendonitis.

This is also commonly referred to as “tennis elbow” or “golfers elbow” because it’s a common injury in those sports.

Basically it’s a very uncomfortable strain in the tendons of the forearms, just below the elbow, that limits your strength and hinders your workouts.

I have posted up a video on YouTube talking about this and I demonstrated a unique rotational exercise that you can do to help rehab and prevent this injury from happening.

Check it out below…

Watch The Video Below To See How To Rehab Elbow Tendonitis Pain…

Note: if you can’t watch the embedded video clip above,
you can watch it right on my YouTube Channel by Clicking Here

Give this exercise a try in your next workout and then leave me a comment below letting me know how it works for you.

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  • Cray

    Bro I have the exact same problem, but i had surgery after i broke it in a arm wrestle match but anyways 2 months later i tried doing pushups but not that i was week but i can’t seem to push with my left hand or i get that golfer type pain it feels like a achy feeling from elbow down my arm a bit. I have the strength but that ache makes me stop

  • Bill J

    Thanks for the tips. I seem to have gotten gamekeepers thumbs(self-diagnosed) from either or both using too wide a spread hand-spring grippers and/or putting too great a weight doing reverse forearm dumbbell curls. I seem to have given myself tennis and golfers elbow (self diagnosed) doing pull ups (palms toward face) too high – that is pulling up to my chest instead of chin. So I am trying to heal and would like to get back some of the strength I’ve lost NOT doing these things form over a years. I’m almost 60 and am thinking I should just cool it with these. But perhaps I can try these exercises. Thank you put posting them.

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