Elbow Tendonitis Exercises

One of the root causes of elbow tendonitis (i.e. tennis elbow or golfers elbow) is having a muscle imbalance in your forearms. Very often the muscles that grip and close the hand (forearm flexors) are over worked compared to the muscles that open the hand (forearm extensors) and this causes the tendons to pull unevenly creating pain and discomfort in the tendons.

So what I’m going to show here in this video is a simple exercise that you can do at home that will help balance out your forearm development, strengthen the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of your forearms.

This will literally only take you 3 minutes per day, but it will work wonders if you are currently suffering from any form of elbow tendonitis injury.

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By regularly doing gripping exercises to work the forearm flexors, as well as opening exercises to work the forearm extensors, you will strengthen your entire hands and build strong muscular forearms.

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  • Thanks Lee…I’m gonna try this. My elbow tendonitis has been hurting for months so I’m looking forward to trying this. thanks man 🙂 Mike

  • Robert Valdes

    Thanks for all you do Lee. GOOD STUFF! coach 🙂

  • Paul

    Thanks man! Gotta tell ya I have had elbow tendonitis/ lateral wrist issues the last month or so and it has just killed my workouts. I went to the Dr. had an MRI and he said “you have some fluid in tere but nothing serious….don’t lift for a month or so” Ya right. He said take ibuprofen….allergic (yeah it sucks!). He didn’t offer me any other options so I’d take a few days off, then aggravate the injury and have to lay off again. I am definitely gonna give this a shot. I never considered that an imbalance could cause this, you have opened my eyes!

  • Gary H

    I had that tendonitis for 3 dam months, sustained from my job. At its worst I could’nt even pick up a kettle of water when holding the jug with my fist in a vertical plane, it was a nightmare. It got better on its own but it took a long time! Now I know why I got it, thanks Lee. As Robert said above, thanks for all you do man, its much appreciated.

  • Kalpesh P.

    Hi Lee,

    I check out your info all the time and hope you can spread the info I’m about to tell you. I developed a very severe case of tendinitis in my elbow, knees and several other joints in my body at the age of 20 from power lifting and other health factors. It was very debilitating and it forced me to quit weight lifting. I though at one point I would be handicapped by this for the rest of my life after speaking to several doctors over a span of 2.5 years! Long story short I tried Acupuncture and I’m powerlifting again!! I actually even went to graduate school and have just recently obtained a degree in Acupuncture. I am relatively close to lifting my all time Bench max of 275 and squat of 345 at a body weight of 160. Please check out he link below.




  • Great info. Lee. I do an exercise that helps with tendonitis. I stand holding a dumble in each hand ( not to heavy ) I raise then up elbows locked and paralle to the floor. My hands are faceing in and the dumbles are vertical. I then swing open my arms keeping my elbows locked to my sides. This I have heard is a great exercise… Hope you understand what I just wrote… Nel.

  • Lou

    An alternate method is to wrap rubber bands around your fingers and extend, adding bands and sets, just like weights, as you get stronger. For tennis elbow, use the hammer curl.

  • Dan

    I have been in physical therapy for several tendonitis issues in the elbows and never once have I seen a common sense exercise like this. I have been searching the net like a madman and only come up with the same exercises. Thank you!!!

  • An alternate method is to wrap rubber bands around your fingers and extend, adding bands and sets, just like weights, as you get stronger. For tennis elbow, use the hammer curl.  

    I actually have a video showing this at:

  • Vin

    Very cool information…….Thanks Mate

  • Divya Kothari

    Sir Lee, You rock….though I am totally not into bodybuilding…..but I seriously find you do concentrate on real strength and compound training often…
    and you are the only bodybuilder I have ever signed up for newsletters…
    I must say …. I often find your workouts to be helpful to me…
    This idea is great
    You rock sir

  • Rudy

    thank’s Lee…great exercise…more power…

  • Craig

    Great post Lee. Tennis elbow is quite common in the weight lifting industry. The source of the problem really stems from the use of dumbbells where guys try to lift more than they can handle which compromises their form.

    I just found another great post on this…Elbow pain from lifting weights

    Hope this helps!

    Stay Strong,

  • Tim

    Lee, awsome tip. I dont have many problems with outside elbow, but the inside tendons below the bicep is a different story. Any tips to help with that

  • viresh

    lee tks. alot for your tip,i always have problem in elbows n it puts me back in the gym.i love my biceps n triceps n love to have bigger (its 45cm now) tks once again.

  • Bill

    thanks for the tip Lee, i just started working out (again) and both elbows are sore. i will be trying this out asap

  • Even with efforts towards prevention, wrist tendonitis still frequently occurs, especially in athletes, musicians and computer-based workers. The doctor will often recommend pain killers, and, if the condition recurs, cortisone injections or even surgery. However, there are simpler, healthier ways to treat tendonitis.