Does Smoking Marijuana LOWER Testosterone?

Does marijuana really lower testosterone?

If so, how much does smoking marijuana lower testosterone?

Is there any real world proof to back up the idea that smoking weed lowers testosterone and thus hinders your muscle gains in the gym?

That’s what we’re going to discuss in this blog post…

While I’m not a marijuana smoker myself, I’m often asked from my online followers about the implications of smoking weed and working out.

Specifically “Does smoking marijuana reduce the body’s testosterone production?”

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Now I used to say “YES, marijuana lowers testosterone levels” because that’s what I heard from some sources back in the day. But I never actually did any research to try and validate this information.

So last weekend I did some homework by searching google to try and find out once and for all if smoking weed would have any impact on a man’s testosterone levels. Now this certainly wasn’t a formal research project by any stretch of the imagination, it was just me looking stuff up on google.

But none the less I could NOT find a darn thing that could validate that smoking marijuana had any negative impacts on testosterone levels.

To summarize this is what I found…

Marijuana has been said to interfere with the production of testosterone and other hormones associated with reproduction, causing possible infertility among adult users and delayed sexual development among adolescents.

However, there is no evidence that marijuana lowers testosterone levels or that it impairs male reproductive functioning.

In epidemiological surveys of marijuana users, no problems with fertility have emerged as important. In laboratory studies, researchers have been unable to find any negative impacts on testosterone levels from casual use of marijuana.

However, one study that administered very high THC doses – up to 20 marijuana cigarettes per day for 30 days showed a slight decrease in sperm concentrations. But the test results remained within normal ranges and probably would not have affected actual fertility.

So to answer the question:

Does Marijuana Lower Testosterone Levels?
I don’t think it does.

Does that mean I recommend that you smoke weed?
…Heck NO!

Does Smoking Pot Lower Testosterone? No It Does NOT...

I don’t think it’s safe or healthy to breathe any smoke into your lungs, regardless of the source. But for those of you who are going to smoke up and get high regardless, at least it won’t lower your testosterone levels.

I’d love to hear your feedback…
Please post a comment below letting me know what your thoughts are on the topic of marijuana and testosterone in the comments section below…

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Lee Hayward is a former competitive bodybuilder and muscle building coach who has been online coaching people since 1997. His work has been featured in several international magazines such as: FLEX, Muscle Insider, Muscle Mag International, Testosterone, Ironmag, and Forbes. Lee's main focus right now is with helping men over 40 - who don't want to be fat anymore - lose the gut, build muscle, and get back in shape. If you're ready to "Start Again" for the last time and finally build a lean healthy body that you can be proud of, just e-mail Lee to discuss a realistic action plan that's right for you...


  • Danny

    It can actually help with weight loss.. The munchies is basically a persons body’s need to keep up with the increased metabolism. But the hardest part is to fight the erg not to eat. People may argue that this is not the case all will not use this drug because big brother deemed it illegal…. so just go to one’s authorized drug dealer. Family Dr. and ask for phedermine basically legal speed to help with weight loss.

  • Lee,

    I would think that marijuana use, in small quantities, would have little to no impact on testosterone levels.

    If you abuse the stuff, testosterone is the least of your worries.

    Plus, Arnold used to smoke that stuff all the time (although roids are a great equalizer).

  • anjohl

    I find marijuana to be a fantastic cardio/weightlifting.supplememt, but results will vary. Personally, I can walk/run 20-40% more, and lift 15-30% heavier/more intensive.

  • Chuck S

    MJ supposedly has a number of health benefits. I think that there are many more natural, alternative products that give a lot of health benefits without the problems of MJ. I’d like to see more information and acceptance of other natural remedies rather than, or in addition to, medical MJ.

  • mike

    Pot does a lot more than what the average person does not no it can give you relaxation it makes sex with your partner better it helps people how have ADHD ADD disorder i now i was in a special education program and i Have ADD THIS was yrs ago but i was in school i was making Fs i was 11 i i started smoking pot and my grades went up from straight f across the board i could not read or write worth a shit or do math at all could not read a tap. 17 yrs later i am married have three. kids and i am a pipe fitter and a welder i can’t smoke it because of the work i do but parents. always. want to put there kids on meds and i have worked in a lot of the parmacutical plants and you don’t want to know what your given yourself. pot is a natural thing that god put here for us to use for meds and you do not have to smoke it you can eat. its only ok for cancer patients. or hiv patients. and so many other types ot patients out there that can get weed from a doctor but only if there getting there daily doses of pharmaceutical meds to that for cancer patients can be 3000 and up for pills its all about money

  • Leon

    Lee, I you gave your opinion about ganja but what about help? hempseeds oil as tostesterone enchancer? hemp seeds have full protein ratio, and are basically a superfood (omega 6 amd omega 3 2:1 ratio). Perfect protein..? or just a hype? Intersting topic in nutrition for fellow bodybuilders.

  • There has been a lot of research done but the results should have show that governments are growing and dishing out weed to sertain people with medical problems. One is multipl serosiss they say it lowers the pain threshold. There was a doc on TV in England showing the plants and how they grow and regulate the product. But not sure they have researched the fact it lowers testosterone levels just that it can help many people with MS.

  • Marshall

    Thanks for the objective view.

    As a long time “ganja” user and former Olympic athlete, I would be interested in learning additional facts related to herb smoking and fitness:

    -Effect on post training recovery

    -Effect as pre workout supplement


  • goutam hazra

    Yes it does. In short term it may increase sex. But in long run it key decrease the level. But it varies from man to man. In India it is well established truth .

  • Leon,

    Hemp protein come from the same plant species as marijuana (Cannabis sativa l.), but from a special variety that contains virtually no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical that triggers marijuana’s psychoactive effects. Hemp Protein Powder is produced when whole hemp seeds are cold-pressed to expel the oil, leaving behind a dry “cake”. This cake is then milled at low temperatures to remove some of the fibre and produce a concentrated form of protein.

  • Raimondo Harrell

    My name is Raimondo Harrell. I don’t consider myself an expert on this topic by any stretch of the imagination and haven’t researched the topic @ all. But I am a Licensed Practical Nurse who has worked extensively with people who smoked marijuana and they often have fertility problems. And although i myself haven’t researched the topic I have also worked with professionals, such as physicians, nurse practioners, and physician assistants who all agree that the drug lowers sperm count, therefore presenting fertility problems. And we all know or maybe some of us don’t know that testosterone is a very key component in sperm production. Science is just that; “science”, but with odds stacked against it and the variables swaying toward marijuana being a strong deterrent, I wouldn’t bank on it helping testoterone levels. There is only one way to find out for sure and that is for those of you who “smoke weed” have your testosterone levels drawn when you have smoked, then stop smoking @ least long enough for your system to rid your blood stream of the chemical and have the levels drawn again and compare the two. Im not a marijuana smoker,
    an alcohol drinker or a cigarette smoker, and wouldn’t recommend smoking it to anyone for the mere fact that any type of carcinogen (cancer causing agent), puts you and people around you(second hand smokers) @ increased risk of aquiring cancer, particularly throat cancer. Not only that, it causes heart palpitations, apathy, which in lamen terms means it renders you less-motivated than usual. It decreases alertness and causes increased euphoria, therefore rendering you less aware of your environment and it also produced a false sense of security” which means it causes you to look @ ordinarily serious issues as less serious” like most drugs that euphorizes you, and it also increases your appetite, but in my opinion not in a good way. I’ve heard peoples say that they crave sweets, breads, cakes etc. Stuff that any bodybuilder, powerlifter, or weighttrainer does not need if they’re trying to build quality muscle and strenght. I know for a fact that those types of food hinders testosterone levels, cause when I eat them and try to work out I feel weaker than I do if I eat something like nuts, vegetables, fish or eggs etc. So for people who smoke marijuana, I personally don’t knock anyone’s pasttime, but as for me, I’m going to try to stick to habits thats builds the body from the inside out. I want to live as long as I can, which does’nt mean that I’ll live any longer than someone who does smoke. Not only that I want to be as healthy and strong as I can as long as I can. I don’t want to be an sickly, “ailing” 70-75 year old I want to be still weight training and running marathons and enjoying life like someone who’s 40. If i’m 70 years old I want to look and feel like I’m 40-45 and still squatting and deadlifting and powerclinging massive amounts of weight; well maybe not massive amounts @ that age and doing these exercises @ a top level if you know what I mean. Opinions are like bloodstreams, everyone has one even if its not one that performs @ a peak level. My question to readers, authorities and marijuana smokers is why potentially hinder performance levels by putting something in the body that could be dangerous. I think that if we love ourselves we will take care of our bodies and best as possibe. When you love yourself you have the capacity to love others as well. And if we have nothing else to offer materialistically love is the most precious, sacred gift we could ever give to anyone. Cause as long as we are healthy and love ourselves and others we are always valuable and important and always have plenty to offer. Love and best wihses to everyone. Tomorrow is deadlift, powercling and bent barbell day for me and that will conclude my week of weight training. I’m 40 years old and can outlift guys half my age. I run 2 miles a day and do yoga and pilates. I do my calestenics like marine. I’m sure that if I was marijuana smoker I wouldn’t have the get up or motivation to do the things that I do. My kids are 22 and 18 and I’m in better shape than them both. Not only can I do the things that they do, but they have trouble keeping up with me, and I personally feel that this is shameful. I should be a testament to them. I Feel that if I can beat them @ something now that they should be ashamed enough to go out an gain the insight, strenght and motivation to beat me @ it. I’m their father and I don’t want to have to bury them, they should be burying me. God has a plan for us all and he hears my prayers I’m sure. Please readers listen to your hearts and try to stay in shape as much as possible. One more thing and I’m signing off. My Grandmothers on my father’s and mother’s side both had diabetes mellitus. My mother’s mother also has poor circulation as a result of her poorly managed diabetes mellitus. She lost both her legs and before she expired the physicians wer talking about taking one of her arms cause her circulatory system was slowly but surely shutting down. It was taking all her limbs and it evetually got to her small intestine, in which they had to remove all of except 8 centimeters. I watched my grandmother slip into a coma and remain there for a month only to come out long enough to request for my wife to come to the hospital and braid her hair. The day that my wife and I came to the hospital for my wife to braid her hair, that night after we left she died. This was the woman who raised and as far as I’m concerned was my mother. Don’t mean to bring anyones spirits down with the sad story, but I do want people realize the dangers of any kind of smoke entering into the body. My Grandmother wans’t a marijuana smoker but she did smoke cigarretes heavily. So readers be careful with anykind of smoking habit. The moral of the story is to let you know that “smoke-related” illness don’t kill you instantly, there are some that allow your family the painful memory of you suffering. Love you all and I pray that nobody has to endure or go through what my grandmother went through.

  • Henry Hussey

    I am actually training to compete mens physique in 2015… I am a Medical Marijuana Recipient…
    I’ve had blood work done and my test levels are great.

  • Bill

    Lee, it is all bit confirmed that it has zero to barely positive effects on test levels. Barely positive meaning insignificant but positive. Back in February I went for my yearly physical, at 42 they looked at my test levels. I cam back very low on both scales. I had not smoked for a very looping time. I was moved to a urologist for further evaluation and possible TRT. I was in a very bad mental state, vey common with low test levels, fairly depressed, emotionally absent in most regards, a very hard time. I had to wait six weeks for a re-test before being able to try TRT. In that state, I self medicated, as many do. Guess what. Emotionally, I started feeling better. Six weeks later, my test level were up by 5x, into a low normal state. The Dr. Didn’t understand so I went in for a retest another six weeks later, guess what, another increase, this time I was in the mid 400’s on total and well above on free test. Wash time, I was feeling better emotionally. All other things considered, I kept up with my weight lifting, stopped cardio for a while, and went high protein. I am no longer a candidate for TRT and go back for a re test in by out a month. I would not be surprised if it were up a little bit again. I am not a heavy self medicator, very very low, but it is my real personal and measured experience.

  • Shavinder

    Raimondo Harrell,

    Very helpful topics, thanks for taking time to writing all this up. I’m 26 years old, never smoked anything but sometimes I thinked that I should try it out but your story changed my thinking, thumbs up.

  • S—Mサイズ

    Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and finally got the bravery
    to go ahead and give you a shout out from Humble Tx!

    Just wanted to say keep up the good job!

  • Dennis

    I smoke on a regular basis because it helps me with my manic depressive bipolar disorder even when I tried all the medications given by doctors, nothing worked. Smoking solved those problems for me. I’m writing this because I am also a trainer, I have seen no negative effects from it… at all. So all I can really say is, it is much safer than any prescribed drug doctors will give you, I’ve had better results using it anyways. But once again I have seen 0 negative effects in my energy levels or anything along those lines and I’m bigger now and in better shape than ever before. The stuff is safe. There’s no actual proof that it is not and many many many sources online to prove it is. If you have anxiety issues or depression it’s worth a shot instead of prescription meds, and I wouldn’t worry about your test levels.

  • Creeture Beats

    Marijuana for me killed motivation, killed my fridge stock and killed my energy. I did catch a few more z’s Though lol.

  • Marijuana has medicinal benefits, but as with any drug, it has the potential for abuse. The abuse of marijuana is the problem, not proper use. Marijuana is a mind-altering substance, and effects vary with each person. Common effects are feeling shortness of breath like your brain is wrapped in cotton, sometimes paranoia almost always results in feeling relaxed and carefree. It is good for those with chronic nausea as it suppresses nausea and makes you hungry.