Cycle Your Workouts For Size & Strength

When it comes to muscle and strength. You can’t really build one without the other. A bigger muscle is a stronger muscle (and vice versa).

Whenever you see a big muscular bodybuilder, you can rest assure that he is also going to be pretty strong as a side effect of building so much muscle mass.

The opposite is also true in the case of a very strong powerlifter, chances are he will also be quite muscular as a side effect of building so much strength.

However, even though size and strength are closely related, you can still prioritize your training for one main goal (i.e. building size or building strength).

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Bodybuilding Training:

Typical bodybuilding workouts will use higher volume, higher reps (i.e. 8-10 reps per set) and use multiple exercises to work all angles of the muscles to stimulate maximum hypertrophy or growth.

Power Training:

Typical powerlifting workouts will use lower reps (i.e. 1-5 reps) and perform multiple sets of the basic core lifts in order to build maximum strength and power.

While each of these styles of training obviously work individually. You can cycle them back and forth in your training to get the best of both worlds by building size and strength.

The Best Of Both Worlds – Power Bodybuilding Training!

A great way to do this is to alternate phases of bodybuilding training with phases of power lifting training. So for example, let’s say you do 6-8 weeks of bodybuilding workouts. Then after that switch to doing 6-8 weeks of powerlifting workouts.

Alternating your style of training back and forth like this will provide your body with unique muscle stimulation. This will help to prevent training plateaus and allow you to make better over all gains in the long run, compared to just doing one style of training for an extended period of time.

This is one of the premises behind the Total Fitness Bodybuilding Workout Of The Month Program.

Each month we cycle between a heavy power training program and a higher volume bodybuilding & conditioning program. This not only keeps your workouts fun and fresh, but it allows you to make consistent gains in both size and strength month after month.

The “Best” Workout Program…

Structuring an effective and well balanced weight training program with the proper exercises, sets, and reps is NOT an easy task. And to make things even more challenging, regardless of which program you follow (even if it’s a very good one) your body will eventually plateau to that program and your gains will come to a screeching halt.

The secret to building muscle is a non stop process of starting a “new workout program” and adapting, growing, and plateauing to that workout program – then repeating the process all over again. You adapt, grow, plateau, change your approach, and repeat. Every single successful bodybuilder on the planet has gone through their own unique variation of this process.

Now you can try and figure this all out for yourself through tedious trial and error. But if you would like some help with the process of stacking complementary workout programs back to back for consistent muscle building progress I suggest you join the Total Fitness Bodybuilding “Inner Circle” Coaching Club. Because as a member of the “Inner Circle” you’ll get a Brand New Workout every single month! WOTM-blue-300

This takes all the confusion and guess work out of selecting new training programs to follow because each month you’ll get a new program that is specifically designed to build on the progress that you made from the previous months program. This allows you to make steady gains in muscle and strength month after month.

If you would like more information about the Total Fitness Bodybuilding “Inner Circle” Coaching Club and try it out for yourself, risk free, just click on the link below…

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