Cheesy Hotel Gym Workout

Every once in a while you may find yourself working out in some pretty cheesy hotel gyms. But any workout is better than no workout.

I actually think that it’s a good idea to workout in a crappy gym from time to time because it makes you appreciate a proper gym all that much more.

In the video below I’m working out in a cheesy hotel gym. Now I didn’t choose this particular hotel because of the gym, but because they have efficiency units with a full kitchen. I think being able to prepare and eat decent meals when traveling is the most important thing. The “fitness center” that they offered was an extra bonus. However, it did look much more appealing on the website than it was in person.

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The cheesy hotel gym workout routine is very simple, just do every freakin exercise you can do with the limited equipment available, don’t make it any more complicated than that 😉

This particular workout consisted of…

– 5 minutes on the squeaky elliptical to warm up.
– Then on to a set of lat pull downs (which wasn’t that bad).
– Followed by some over stretched chest presses (not good for the shoulders).
– Then a set of wonky pec dec flys (again, not good for the shoulders).
– Moving on leg raises which were pretty solid.
– A few reps of dips, which had to be cut short because the machine didn’t sound very healthy.
– Finishing up with wobbly leg raises and clunky single leg curls.

I went through several of these interesting circuits along with some push ups and bodyweight squats added in for good measure. And even though this wasn’t a very structured routine, I still worked up a sweat and got a decent pump from doing it.

Everyday I get e-mails and comments asking how to workout with limited equipment and the answer is simple, make do with whatever equipment you have available. Any workout is better than no workout.

Now with that being said, one thing that I would recommend you get if you have to workout with limited equipment is a set of Heavy Duty Rubber Fitness Bands such as the ones from These are great for working out when traveling and for home gym workouts.

If I had my time back I would have brought my fitness bands with me for this trip, but I didn’t because the hotel’s website said they have a “fitness center”, but now I know for next time 🙂

If you don’t have a set of heavy duty rubber fitness band, then I highly recommend that you order a set from:

These are adjustable resistance bands that allow you to vary the resistance based on the exercises you are doing. And these bands go up to over 250 pounds in tension, so they are strong enough for ANYONE to get a good workout with.

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  • Vinny

    Welcome to every week of my working life…

  • Hi lee, hi Dickie, yeah ,how ya doin mate, think I saw you at that hotel !!! Had to wait for you to finish before I could go in!! Awesome.

  • Helena

    Then again — not long ago hotels had NOTHING at all to use for working out….can’t have everything

  • West

    Being a road-warrior business traveler AND occassional amateur bodybuilder, I found this video hilarious! The two lifestyles definitely DO NOT go together very well, but the key to making them go together is just what you said – do every frackin exercise you can so you at least have a hope of maintaining your mass! If you can be creative enough, and persevere through the squeaky inadequate equipment, you should be able to contiune building again at the hometown gym you really workout in and not lose ground on the road. Loved the video, but would have liked to see you collapse the dip bar LOL!!!

  • ASH

    Hey Lee,

    This is Great idea but it depends on your training 2 question coming in your mind always.

    1. Do you love to train.
    2. Do you hate to Train.

    when you find yourself properly answer for above 2 question then it can be easy to train anywhere.

    As I start my first training with Gas Balloon & wooden piece now when I enter the Gym the perfect body I have only in gym better then anyone.


  • Freddy

    this is a modern fitness for a hotel ! Last year while at a holiday on Crete i did workout in an antique fitness from the middle ages.

    Fortunatly i did push ups (with my push up bars) and pull ups.

  • Jason

    Had the same type of machine in Chapel Hill NC. Giant setted the whole thing like you did, pretty cool for a 10pm workout.

  • I am glad that you presented this video. This is very helpful to me. I will be taking a trip in a montth & I am inspired to know that I will be able to do some conditioning.

  • bam

    25lb dumbells cmon lee you could of added another dumbell from that rack to each hand.

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    I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance and here I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic.