How To Use The AfterBurn Effect For Faster Fat Loss

The After Burn Effect – this is a hot topic that keeps coming up in bodybuilding and fitness discussions. Many “Fitness Gurus” try to make it out to be some big fancy complex method of training. But any fool can make things bigger and more complex. However, it takes a touch of genius to move in the opposite direction.

There have been some savvy marketers who have gone so far as to create special “AfterBurn Workout Programs” trying to capitalize and sell the benefits of Afterburn Training as the next big secret to burning fat and the shortcut to getting six pack abs.

While this all sounds sexy and cutting edge, they are selling a ton of sizzle for every ounce of steak. The truth of the matter is that every single form of physical activity provides the “AfterBurn Effect” to some degree.

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What Is The AfterBurn Effect?

Whenever you do any form of exercise your body burns calories during the exercise itself. But the exercise also raises your metabolism and this will continue burning even more calories at a higher than normal rate for a period of time afterwards while your body is recovering from that exercise.

Exercise places stress and demands on your body which breaks down muscle tissue. Your body then has to recover and rebuild this damaged tissue. All of this burns a lot of calories. That’s why people who exercise regularly need more calories than sedentary people. Not only are they burning calories from the actual exercise, but they are burning even more calories during the recovery process after exercise.

If you do a workout you are not only burning calories while you are in the gym exercising, but you continue burning calories after your workout is over while your body is recovering. This is what’s known as the AfterBurn Effect of exercise.

The harder the workout, the greater the Afterburn. The easier the workout, the less of an Afterburn Effect you’ll experience.

A challenging weight training workout that leaves you sore for several days will have a HUGE afterburn effect compared to going for an easy walk around the block.

So if you want to maximize the afterburn from your workouts, it’s simple, just work harder – Duh! 😉

Make sure to workout up a sweat, challenge yourself, push yourself, and strive to gradually increase your fitness level and work capacity overtime. If you do this than you can rest assured that you are getting a good AfterBurn Effect Workout.


When you push yourself with high intensity exercise you can burn more total calories from the After Burn than you did from the actual workout itself.

While it’s true that the After Burn Effect helps you to burn bodyfat and get ripped six pack abs. It’s certainly NOT anything new. This has been going on since the beginning of time. It’s just the way the body responds to physical activity. You burn calories during the exercise itself, and you’ll continue burning calories at a higher than normal rate during the recovery period afterwards. It’s as simple as that.

The AfterBurn Workout has been around since the beginning of time

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  • While nice to know, what it really boils down to is keep working out, and work out hard; preferably by incorporating some HIIT.

  • John @ Garage Gyms:
    While nice to know, what it really boils down to is keep working out, and work out hard; preferably by incorporating some HIIT.

    Absolutely, from a practical point of view there’s no point in worrying about the “AfterBurn”. All one needs to do is train hard with progressive overload and the afterburn will take care of itself.

  • Prime Nutrition

    Well said. This is why I like to intensify my workouts significantly. Have had great results.

  • Deepak

    What should I do to keep burning calories after work out should I take protein & only protein…
    Should I say No to crabs….

  • Deepak:
    What should I do to keep burning calories after work out should I take protein & only protein…
    Should I say No to crabs….

    You can eat a right after training. Your body doesn’t stop burning calories if you eat after a workout.

  • Jim

    Very interesting. Have you tried intermittent fasting? Basically you go for 14 hours straight without any calorie intake (from dinner the night before to lunch the following day) because after 12 hours your body will start burning fat. And when you do eat, you can eat whatever you want and not have to worry about being on a diet. 🙂