4 SHOCKING Tricks for BIGGER Arms!

Are you tired of busting your butt only to see your arms the same size as last month?

I’ll be frank, I’m getting tired of all this “functional training” talk to build your arms…

Gimme a break!

Is that the reason you really got into lifting weights?

It seems direct arm work has taken a dip in popularity and this may be the case in some circles…

But if you’re really honest I’m guessing you desire arms that resemble a SUPERHERO… and for that, doing direct arm work will NEVER go out of style!

And having big, muscular arms that stretch your shirtsleeves will NEVER EVER go out of style either, so today is a reminder that when you pick up a copy of Ben Pakulski’s MI40 System
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21 Days To Bigger Arms

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Now onto our arm tips compliments of Big Ben who just placed a very respectable 7th place among some of the world’s top bodybuilders at the Arnold Classic this past weekend in Columbus Ohio…


4 Uncommon Tips To BIGGER ARMS
By IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski


Small muscles require less volume, and recover faster.
Basic logic says, a smaller muscle has less overall total
volume of muscle fibers. It takes LESS overall stimulus
to fatigue these muscles and less overall training volume
to exhaust glycogen stores (stored muscle energy).


Heavy weights are going to fatigue a greater overall percentage
of muscle fibers in a shorter amount of time (aka less sets).
Heavy weights also have the added benefit of stimulating
“high threshold motor units”. These are the muscle fibers
that require a lot more stimulus to grow and respond,
but also the fibers that are more likely to be responsible
for muscle hypertrophy or GROWTH!


Arms receive a lot of stimulus on a regular basis.
For most people, this tends to occur in the middle
of the range of motion where the muscles are strongest.
In order to get the arms to grow and respond, it is
necessary to subject them to a different type of stimulus.

One of the best ways to improve arm development is to
subject them to more tension and continuous tension at
the extremes of the range of motion (a.k.a, when a muscle
is fully lengthened or fully shortened — where muscles
are weakest). This will allow for greater time under tension
as well as targeting different points of the strength curve
to force the nervous system to adapt and stimulate new
muscle growth.


The FIRST muscle to engage in ANY movement must be the muscle
you are trying to target. If you are working your biceps,
to most effectively stimulate the bicep, it must be the
muscle to initiate the movement. As mentioned, muscles
are weakest at those extremes and that makes it LEAST
likely to contract. This is where your conscious intent
and control is vital!

The best way to ensure this is happening is to CONTRACT its
antagonist muscle. This will ensure a fully lengthened working
muscle and make it much more likely that it will initiate
the movement(provided you’re using proper control).

e.g. when working your bicep, to fully stretch your bicep
at the bottom of the range, it is necessary to contract
your triceps before initiating the movement of contracting
your biceps again. The opposite is true when training triceps.
Contract your biceps at the top of the range when a triceps
is fully stretched (forearm touches biceps).

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