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Important Update:
I’ve decided to Change The Original Offer…

I’m NO Longer going to give away
10 Free Coaching Memberships.

Instead I’m going to DOUBLE IT and

(This is HUGE and the biggest Give-A-Way I’ve ever done!)


Last month I posted a blog asking for your feedback about a Private Bodybuilding Coaching Club that I’m putting together…

You can check out that blog post below:

As you know, I provide A LOT of muscle building training and nutrition advice via my blog, e-mails, facebook, and YouTube videos. And I’m still going to keep doing all that stuff and continue to make workout training videos, blog posts, etc.

However, as a result of all the tips and advice that I share online, I get several hundred e-mail every single day from guys asking me to help them with their workouts, help them with their diets, and basically coach them with reaching their bodybuilding and fitness goals.

As of this writing there are 35,000+ subscribers following me on YouTube. And 22,000+ followers on Facebook, plus there are tens of thousands more who just follow my website and don’t even have a Facebook or YouTube account.

As you can imagine, Thousands Of Followers = Hundreds Of e-Mails…
And as much as I would like to sit down and answer each and every one of those e-mails, it’s physically impossible, there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

So instead of simply ignoring them, I’m going to provide an “Inner Circle Coaching Club” for guys who are really serious about taking their training to the next level and who want to work with me personally.

I’ve already surveyed my followers about what they would like to see offered in this type of Private Bodybuilding Coaching Club and the overall response was very positive. I received some great feedback and 77% of my followers said that they would be willing to sign up as a paid monthly member if I were to offer this program.

I’ve been working my tail off over the past month and putting together my very best tips, tricks, workouts, and diet plans together to create a Kick Ass Group Coaching Program.

Basically I’ll be providing you with all the program templates to follow and then I’ll work with you personally via the private members forum and live video chats to help personalize them to your individual situation.

Total Fitness Bodybuilding Members Site

In addition to that you’ll be able to keep your own online training log and track your results. Post your workouts, your meals, keep track of your stats and post progress pictures. This way I can follow along with your training in real time and provide you with on going feedback about your progress. This will help to hold you accountable to follow through and stick with your program and develop the lean muscular physique you want.

Enter To Win 1 of 20 FREE Memberships
To The “Inner Circle” Coaching Club!

Lee Hayward's Members Website

The Total Fitness Bodybuilding “Inner Circle” Coaching Club is almost ready to go LIVE, all I need now is some guinea pigs to help me test it out 😉

So I’m going to GIVE AWAY 10 20 FREE MEMBERSHIPS right here on my blog!

To enter to win one of those 10 20 FREE Memberships all you have to do is post a comment below this post (reply form is at bottom of the page) with the following response:

In 250 words or less, tell me specifically why this program
is the perfect solution for you at this point in your life.
Share WHY you need and want me to personally coach you
with reaching your bodybuilding and fitness goals.


Try your best to keep your response short and to the point, approx. 250 words, and please don’t talk about your financial situation. I’ve already covered price when I surveyed my followers and this “Inner Circle” Coaching Program is going to be very affordable for literally anyone who wants access to it. Period.

So please keep your financial situation to yourself, and instead focus on your personal fitness goals and how being a member of this group coaching program will help you reach those goals quicker and with less frustration.

I’m going to keep this blog contest open for the next 48 hours and then I’ll personally review all the replies over the weekend and announce the 10 20 Lucky Winners.

So give it some thought and make your answer count!

all the best,
Lee Hayward

About The Author


Lee Hayward is a competitive bodybuilder and muscle building coach who has been online helping people build muscle, lose bodyfat, and get in shape since 1999. Lee was selected as one of the Top Fitness Trainers Online through YouTube's Next Trainer Program and his work has been featured in several international magazines such as: FLEX, Muscle Insider, Muscle Mag International, Testosterone, Ironmag, and Forbes.


  • Thomas

    I’m almost 30 and have been working out for 2 years. Before working out I was ill and due to this was never over 10 stone, now I’m up to 12 stone and feel better than I have done all my life. This is all thanks to your videos and advice on youtube.

    I train 5 days a week as well as working nights and I want to take my body and my life to next level, with your help I can do it.

    Thanks – Thomas

  • Ernie Ackley

    Would love the opportunity to work with you. I’m a 38 yr old man I currently
    Workout on a 4 day split. I’ve been bodybuilding for 2 yrs and I’m soooooo
    Close to my goal but am having issues chiseling in the details. Think your program and
    knowledge would benefit my final efforts to my perfect body transformation.

  • Keith

    Hey, Lee,

    I have been using utilizing some of what you have already in my workouts, at this time I am also helping my wife get into shape since she has not been a very active person when I met her. So I am helping with her diet and workout; however, I could use the additional resource to help me help my wife even more. That would be really good, since my wife at this stage is wanting to try to start a family, I had to get her into weight/strength training and cardio, she is new and she is doing better but has a long road ahead of her and as well as myself since I am out of shape from not working out in 5 years do to depression. Anyway sorry for the long speal but I do enjoy your training and nutrition videos and articles and keep up the good work.

    In regards,


  • I’m at a point in my life (middle age, 40 years old) where I want to get to the next level in my physique and appearance and health, not only for myself but for my family and my extended family per se: the students whom I work with on a daily basis at the R. T. Fisher Alternative School, the only school in our county that has mandatory P.E. My students are amazed that I still workout and am at a level beyond most of their abilities, and that isn’t a challenge to them, but, rather, an inspiration. Your private bodybuilding coaching club would allow me to reach my next level of fitness personally, an achievement and skill and outlook that my students will be amazed and inspired by; this will allow them to know that good guys can finish first and that health can be achieved at any age.

  • Charles Risner

    I was actively engaged in sports during school, and now, during my PhD studies, I focus exclusively on lifting. I have been lifting for about 10 years, with the last two years dedicated to getting on stage and eventually competing. I have taken my body as far as I know how to, given my readings on the subject. However, it is now time to receive personalized assistance from someone who has ‘been there, done that’ and who can help me make that final push to getting on stage in the next year. Lee’s material is quality, and I trust his judgment so this is the perfect place to look for help!

  • Tremayne

    Hey Lee,

    I’m 16 years old and for all my life I’ve been battling too lose weight and I’m finally showing progress. By you allowing me to win it would help me in my routine tremendously! I’ve also been battling the atrocious “man boobs” in which they’re going down, but by me being able too talk and use your expertise it would help me and my goals too become huge like you! With your assistance I can make it happen!

  • Bryan

    I am 25 now and have been working out with a power lifting program up until about 5 months ago. I am now trying to work on body building, I have seen some small gains but was hoping for more. I have been working hard both in the gym and in the kitchen to achieve these goals. I currently do a four day program some weeks adding a fifth day. I think this program would allow me to achieve the goals I am hoping for.

  • Matt St.Pierre

    Hi Lee,
    I am a 25 year old male who started working out 4 days a week, 8 months ago and was pretty lost on what to do to get the results I wanted until I came across your website and videos. When I found out you provided this service of helping others at your own will I couldn’t believe it and was instantly hooked. I have been using your videos and talk shows to get me to where I am today which is far better from where I started, but I feel with some more personailzed training I could go to the next level. I’d like access to personalized info because I feel I’m past the beginner stage and need guidance on how to keep maximizing my gains. I can’t thank you enough for the knowledge you have tought me already. God bless.


  • Scott

    When I was born I suffered from Gastroenteritis, I was in a incubator for a few months and had to be fed through a tube as I was unable to eat by myself. Doctors said that I would always be skinny and would never be able to gain weight. I’m not looking for sympathy as there are people worse off, I understand that. One summer I gained a lot of weight and at 5’5 was 205lbs and at the age of 15. Before I go on to further education I have 5-6months of nothing, I’m currently 18, 5’7 and 170lbs and would love to be a your test subject.

  • zain zulfiqar

    Hey how r u? I really want to be a member because i want to be a natural bodybuilding champion and help America over come obesity. i love bodybuilding. i started bodybuilding because of u. i saw a video on YouTube and u were taking about arms and the mistakes people make and i was one of them but after i watched that video i have gone from 14 inch arms to 17 inch arms. u helped me and i would love ur help cause i know what u say is true and no BS. u changed my life and helped me thank u bro. and by the way I’m 6 feet and going to be 17 years old in September and I’m 207 pounds i have been training for 2 years

  • Trevor mazer

    Hi lee I’m 16 years old and weigh about 150 pounds at 5 foot 8. I started working out 2 years ago and I was very clueless at what building muscle actually required. This September I actually started working out with free weights and started getting the bodybuilding bug. I’m hooked on bodybuilding now and it has been amazing seeing the changes in my body. The sa thing is I haven’t really seen too many results but enough that I notice them. I’ve always had a really low self confidence because I used to be severely overweight in my childhood. Bodybuilding has brought up my confidence and made me feel so much better about myself. The reason I want to join your inner circle is because I want to get to the net level with a spot on diet and training program so I can start seeing the eye popping results I want. I read articles everyday and know a good bit about holding muscle and gaining strength but I still need your help. I’m ready to start building some real muscle! Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Vincent

    I will be 30 next saturday and I have been working out seriously since 6 months now. I’ve been looking to get to my best shape of my life these last months/years.

    6 Years ago, I was at my maximum weight, a bit over 300lbs and now I went down to 176 but I feel I need a bit of help to progress even more. Lean out and put on some lean muscle mass.

    I’ve been reading and trying too many routines, I can’t fix my mind on one. I tried Full Body, 3, 4 to 5 days split. I want mainly to put size but also increase my strength.

    That’s why, your programm would be perfect for me, to be able to fix my methods and goals and have someone who track my progress

    Thank in advance Vincent

  • I am Mayank, a Student Pilot, Fitness enthusiast and an aspiring film maker. I am 20 and I started working out around a year ago to put on some weight before my Pilot Medical Examinations as I was terribly underweight. I am 185cm and 63.5kg, a little over the minimum required BMI index. I am hard worker and I want to work more on my body. I believe I am an ectomorph but with mesomorph muscle quality. I need a right mentor, a right coach, a right person some one like you who can help me the best to be something like you, sooner rather than later. I am from India, and the trainers out here are either 1. So not affordable or 2. aren’t aware of any specific goal intended workouts. I have been following you for almost a year now Lee. And you have been the only source of motivation and knowledge to me for whatever I am. I have attached my current picture in the link below. Please have a look and help me with your immense body building knowledge if you think I am worth the time and effort.

    Your Sincerely


  • Michael McDonald

    Aloha Lee,

    I am a self taught workout/fitness nut! I have never had any real structure or coaching that I could rely on to help me get to my goals. I am a personal trainer and I was just hired as such, but I still do not feel I have the correct knowledge to help myself reach my goal (my current goal is to get to 7% bf, with a weight of about 180-185. I would also love to participate in a competition since my love for bodybuilding has grown tremendously in the past year). I feel like any program you come out with can help, because I have seen the results on you. It was your channel (also the muscle cook & vince delmonte) that inspired me 2 years ago. I really learned a lot from just your channel alone and I feel that some awesome coaching could go a long way. Thank you very much for your time.

    -Mike (22 yrs old)

  • Junior

    Mr Lee, keep doing what you are doing because I’m learning a lot about your recommendation and tips. Also how to do things better.
    So congratulation with the good job.

    All the best,

  • Saul Prince

    hi Lee,started 12 months ago,adding weight lifting using dumbels as well as cable exercizes.
    will be 61 years young in June
    have added some muscle tissue,complemente by some modest musle defintion.
    believe that. lifetime of exercize will allow for healthier,more ,fruital life style.Have lost over 12 months 11 pounds of visceral fat,and added two pounds of muscle definition,
    for my five feet and 99 incth frame,for a net loss of pounds.

    plan over the next 22 months to add 4 pounds of healthy muscle tissure and lose another 12 pounds of visceral fat tissue,for a subsequennt “‘net adjustment of 8 more pounds” . The
    Lee Hayward online program sounds like a great program to join,

    i hope to win one of the ten available online memberships.:-)

    take care

    Saul Prince

    gmail address is :

  • Cabo

    Hi Lee
    I have been receiving your videos now for about a year and love your quality work. I really appreciate your dedication to your students and how in-depth your training videos are for the common man. I am in my 50’s and have been applying some of your techniques at the gym, but have not really seen the results that I was hoping for. I know that if I was a winner of your “Inner Circle Coaching Club” it would allow me to reach my goals and take my body and training to the next level. I work out about 4 days per week and am not seeing the results that I was hoping for. Sometimes it takes specialized knowledge from someone who’s been there and can help the average Joe change his routine or try a different supplement or meal plan to get the optimum results. I am committed to improving my health and body so I can live a long time for the benefit of myself, my family and especially my grandchildren.

    Keep up the great work Lee, you are very much appreciated.

  • Justin

    I Have been watching you for a long time I’m 15 and I’m thieving to gain muscle but am having some trouble, I use to be fat and used some of your tips and lost weight but I kept loosing weight but now I really want to build some muscle. I would also like to be a fitness trainer when I grow up, thanks for this opportunity it’s really awesome just like you.

  • Squidward

    Reasons you should pick me:

    # 1: You know how everyone in the US thinks Canadians are pasty-skinned, woosy- hosers who are afraid of the dark? That’s a bunch of crap, man. I’m there to defend you guys every time I hear that she-aht. I’m like “hey dudes, just cuz Canadians are pasty-skinned, woosy-hosers does NOT mean they’re afraid of the dark!!!!!”

    #2: I own EVERY Celine Dion CD ever released.

    #3: If given 2 pictures, I can pick out which one is of a curling stone 50% of the time.

    #4: I know the first two words of the Canadian National Anthem.

    #5: I’ve had moose head before. (Can’t post pics, I’d get arrested)

    I know, I’m awesome. I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to give me TWO memberships cuz my submittal was so freaking awesome. Let me know how to redeem my prize.


  • scott rowe

    Hi Lee, My name is scott and I am 47 years old. I started to follow you about 2 years ago. At that time i was 250lbs with a 40 inch waist. after reading everything you had to say, watching as many of your videos that I could, and following your advice in them, I am now 190lbs with a 32 inch waist. I have even passed on advise to others on how to better acheive the goal they are after. my goal is to compete in an over 50 bodybuilding compitition but I still have a bit to go before I can reach that goal. I have had alot of progress already with your advice and I am confident that with your help and access to your inner circle I will acheive this goal.

  • Sam Johnson

    I would love to have private bodybuilding coaching club for two reasons. 1. I just got a home gym and used to work out at a gym and was floundering in there following what everyone else was doing. NOW I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO AT ALL. I have followed you and your advice for a while, but I would just LOVE to get you one on one to help tweak what I am doing. 2. I would also like to get back into the swing of things after switching from a gym gym to my home gym. With you I know I would have that last bit of motivation I need to get back on the right track and get consistent and get results that I know you can deliver. THANKS SO MUCH!

  • Marcia

    Hi Lee,
    I’m a 39 year old single mom who has developed a love for kettlebell and weightlifting! About a year ago I joined a weightloss/strength training program at a gym close to my work and started meeting with a trainer once a week. So far I’ve lost 20lbs but still have another 25lbs to go (It’s been an up and down rollercoaster)! During this time, I’ve developed a love for weightlifting so much that I decided to enter a weightlifting competition for the first time in June 2012! I feel that being a part of your program will help me to do well in the competition! In addition, I feel that your program will help me to lose the rest of the weight I need to lose and will also help to decrease my body fat and continue to build muscle which is also my ultimate goals! I’d also like to be able to help other women embrace weightlifting as a great means to leading a healthier lifestyle, so I look forward to learning as much as I can from you! This will help me to better my health and to help other women live healthier lives!


  • Vincent

    Hey lee hayward,
    I’m a 14 year old student who recently lost his way with the whole fitness scene. I began as a skinny teenager with literally no chest muscle and hardly any shape on my arms. Roughly half a year ago, I worked out with inconsistent routine and unstructured workouts for around 4 months and managed to make a few gains and went from using 6kg dumbells for dumbell press to using 15.5kg. Then I stopped working out for 2 months due to exams and focus on breakdancing. Now I’m back and working out smarter than ever before with a 3 day split, HIIT and clean diet. However, I have limited resources to work with (I can’t afford a gym membership or any more weights – I have an adjustable 35kg set at the moment) when working out and I feel that my workouts do not hit the muscle groups effectively enough to make gains to a level at which I am aiming at. Also, I’m really unclear about a few things regarding stunting growth with weights and alternative exercises I can use at home in place of exercises which seem to be considered very important at the gym (e.g incline bench press or dips). So I’m hoping that with your program, I would be able to answer a few questions which would assist me in the beginning of my life-long fitness journey (:
    Thanks, Vincent.

  • Michael Price

    hey lee, I would just like to say that i have been working out for around 2 years i think you do good videos and give great advice, i have bought your 21 day fast mass and blast your biceps program and had great results from them. I think your a great coach and probably the most experienced one online in terms of naturally bodybuilding which is why i am interested in joining your private coaching bodybuilding club.
    many thanks

  • david amaya

    hey lee
    well i’ve been following you in youtube for a year let me just tell you you’ve been a HUGE help to me with your youtube videos and an inspiration.before starting to workout i had a hip flexor injury and it set me back a lot in my fitness i stopped doing the sports i was doing.I decided to workout took up a membership at 24 but i was completely clueless on working out,what to eat,basically the whole deal.then i saw your videos and started using all the advices you gave and thanks to your’s been exactly 1 year since i first hit the gym,i’ve gained around 15 pounds of lean muscle my strength gains have gone thru the roof. the reason i’ve want to be in this inner circle is because i’ve tried a couple of your programs like blast your biceps and they truly work you dont give false advice,i want to keep improving my physique and your help is greatly appreciated by me,and since summer is coming i’m hit the weights hard and with your advice and coaching i’ll learn a lot about fitness because that’s what i want to build my career around.-

  • Michael Price

    Michael Price:
    hey lee, I would just like to say that i have been working out for around 2 years i think you do good videos and give great advice, i have bought your 21 day fast mass and blast your biceps program and had great results from them. I think your a great coach and probably the most experienced one online in terms of natural bodybuilding which is why i am interested in joining your private coaching bodybuilding club.
    many thanks

  • Clark

    I am 24 years old and in a wheelchair. While in high school the school nurse wanted me to start lifting weights so i could start doing more on my own. So while in high school i religiously lifted weights 5 days a week. I didnt really have a diet either. I mean Ive tried Atkins and all this stuff. and yes some of them did work but it didnt stay off. But after I graduated I just quit lifting. I think my problem was I may have felt stronger but I never “saw” a difference. I think if I saw a difference i would really get into it more. I really think you could help me out not only with the diet part but also the weightlifting.

  • Morteza

    Iam 22 years old. My goal is to be a fitness modle. Iam training 4 days a week not much of results. I think ur program can help me reach my goal as i have truble with the nutrition and workout to get lean muscle.

  • Mike May

    Hey Lee, I’ve been following you for a few years now and owe you many thanks. I train out of my home and although I like the convenience sometimes I feel I miss out on lessons I could learn hanging out at the gym. Thats where you come in, I follow many of your workouts(except for the rubberband thing…I saw that big bruise on you and assumed they were the reason haha). I truly look forward to your emails, they are not only informative but motivational as well. I am 42 years old, and train 3 to 4 times a week, my diet is almost clean and is what I’ve been taking to the next level. Anyway after all you’ve done for me already, I feel out of place asking for something free, so I’ll glady pay if you’ll reserve me a spot. Thanks for your time, Mike

  • David W

    Hi Lee.

    I was made redundant from my job last year and am as yet not back in work, so I have a lot of time to devote to training and to giving you feedback, and have recently made the decision to change career and get qualified as a Fitness Professional. With all the time on my hands I’ve actually gotten overtrained, and need some advice to find a balance, so that I can get in great shape for when I get qualified. I train at home (power-rack and free weights) and have a limited budget for food, so if youre looking for a challenge choose me!


  • I’ve been training for a long time and even thou I’ve seen results I would like to share my knowledge and learn from others who like the same things I do. It would be a great experience for all of us!

  • steve swanson

    Lee–I am 60 years old and training as hard as ever. I have been lifting seriously for about 5 years and have been thinking about doing some body building shows. I have been working on size lately and am now on the cutting phase. Building and sculpting has gotten very interesting for me, so this inner club would be very beneficial to me. Thanks for everything you put out, I am an avid reader.

  • Eric

    Hey Lee,
    I Know right now your going to get alot of comments stating that they are skinny or overweight and need help. However I have already taken matters into my own hands and made some gains However I lust for more. What separates me from the rest is my determination I’m determined to reach my peak level of fitness at a young age (19 now)also lee we have something common we both want to share our knowledge with others to help them to improve in their goals for fitness . I believe with your help I can become a EXCELLENT TRAINER AND COACH just like you . I ask for this opportunity to build myself so that I may build other in the future so that I can live out my dream to be in your position right now to do what you do someday HELP ME OUT LEE

  • Robert

    Hi Lee!
    I’m 19 years old guy who soon will be able to fullfill my dream after finishing school. I’ve been playing soccer since i was a kid and always loved to workout. Recently I’ve got more and more interested in bodybuildning and the fitness industry. I lost my motivation for soccer because of some injuries I had over the past 4 years, so i decided to quit. Finally after 1,5 years of researching about lifting weights and all that includes it, I got my opportunity to focus 100% of what i want. I’m moving to a small village straight after school. There I will have incredible opportunities for training through food, focus and motivation (Only serves organic food and food made from scratch there). Anyway, I see myself as a blank paper with really good potential. At the moment I’ve only been doing explosive reps mainly for the soccer and bodyweight workouts and I’m still quite big just from genetics (6.1 ft and 187 pounds). If you want to see how much you can affect a pristine body muscle wise, then you should choose me!

  • Frank A

    I am 63 and have limited home equipment – Powerblocks, EZ-curl bar, bench, Total Gym, Ab Wheel, balance disks, Bosu ball, stability ball, Bodylastics resistance bands, and cellerciser.

    I currently train 3 days a week as that’s what my body requires to recover.

    This would be a great opportunity to develop a program for those in my category. How to gain muscle on limited at home equipment at any age, especially over 60.

  • Alex

    Hey Lee!!!!

    ive actually been waiting for you to do this online coaching for a pretty long time! 🙂
    so i think I should be one of the extremely lucky 10. 1) im serious about losing weight and after that build muscle.2) Right now im actually doing Kris Gethin’s 12 week body transformation for 12 weeks, im currently in week 4 out of 12, so ive got a long time from here to where i want to be. i think this opportunity for us to be your guinea pigs is going to help me a lot! i could even drop the other plan and get started with yours!
    Thank you, Alex.

  • Chad Defriece

    Lee, I have been following you for some time now. I have been into bodybuilding for 17 years. I’m 36 and I have finally taken the plunge and competing in my first natural show in two weeks. I’m really excited but I owe alot of it to you. I’m always searching for new ways to workout and shock the muscles and you have definitely helped me with that. I consider you to be an inspiration. I would be thrilled to be included in this coaching club. People that know me inside and outside of the gym say that I am the most dedicated and consistant person with my working out and diet that they have ever seen. Thanks for this opportunity. You can check out my body space and pictures on User name eceirfed.

  • Mike Rogers

    Dear Lee Iam 60 yrs young . I would love to get this program with you so I can shape my body and sharpen my mind. I have been following you for about two yrs. Doing well with the progress at this time. I do believe with your help I can change my body and mind back to twenty yrs younger and live forty yrs longer, if the good Lord is willing. Keep up the good work Tks.

  • Kevin

    I have been training my entire adult life. At some points I’ve trained harder than others. I have been
    serious about my training for the last 5 years and while I have made good progress I haven’t made great progress in all areas. 17 1/2 inch biceps 50 inch chest. I carry around a layer of
    fat I’ve never been able to lose. I have bounced between many different routines and have been
    a customer of yours in the past. I have bought the blast your bench program and the Pull up program and learned excellent information from both. I have bought in and I am in tune with your
    training philosophies. I have much more I would like to achieve from training, I could be your shining example!

  • Garrett Smith

    Hey Lee,
    I am almost 15 years old and I love your videos and website. I have been training since the summer and I am currently 5’11 and 168lbs. I played on my school’s JV football team as a linebacker. I dont know if you will even consider a teenager as one of the Lucky 10, but I can tell you that I am very hard working and have a lot of mental toughness. I think it would be great for me if you could let me participate. I also think it will prove that you can train people well, young or old. Thanks for reading my comment Lee, I hope this whole thing turns out great for you.


  • Nate Purves

    i’m 26 years old and i’ve been training pretty religiously since i was about 18 in university….read many books, tried all the methods and not without some success i might add. I used to weigh about 175lbs and now i weigh about 200 and probably have a little lower body fat percentage than i did back then.
    I currently try and re-use most of the recipes i get through the lee hayward e-mails and they’re helping me out…
    I think this program could really be what i need right now to build on the solid foundation i have going…i need some expert advice on taking things to the next level and also to point what i’m doing wrong or could be doing more effectively. All the devotion and desire is in place…I just need someone in my corner.

  • Brent

    Well Lee,
    I’ll start by sayin’ thanks for all the info and tips from your facebook profile to your youtube videos, it sure does help and improve my training and provide important knowledge of this sport and lifestyle..
    but now it’s time to turn it up another notch- to bring my training to a new level……and I feel I can greatly benefit from your program. with your assistance and coaching I know I can obtain my goal, or better yet surpass that goal…….

  • Lem

    Been following you for 7 years already. Would love to get more advice from the man who created the “Blast Your Bench” program, by far my favorite program ever.

  • Bobby

    Hey Lee,

    I guess you could call me a silent follower, but I have been very appreciative & currently using a few of your workouts & recipes & have been for the past 2+ years now. With in those 2 years my local gym has closed up & I have also made changes in my work career of which has had a huge impact on my work out schedule. I have managed to remedy the loss of my gym as I have now made my garage my gym where I can do most exercises & have enough free weights to make a set of any weight dumb bell. My work is something that I will have to & continue to work around as Im on call 24/7. So with these obstacles having a personal trainer / coach I think would make a night & day difference in results I want to , but have failed to yet achieve. I constantly use the internet as a resource for bodybuilding info but I lack the info that would fit my personal daily schedule & diet questions that either a personal trainer / dietician would know. Also having the opportunity to be a Lee Hayward bodybuilding subject would definately keep me motivated. I believe with your coaching I can take my bodybuilding to a new height. Thank you for your time & consideration.

  • Lee,
    There is some information I thought might be of interest to you and all your followers.
    I am a Disability Fitness Coach at our Community College and have been able to incorporate many of the techniques and tips shown in your emails and videos. Working with those who may need modified or specialize movements is very challenging, yet very rewarding. My main stream students and the Coaching Staff have been really impressed by some of the ideas I bring to our department, I do let them know where they came from. credit where due.
    All of my students have shown incredible improvement in strength and self confidence while gaining strength and independence as they move through our program.
    Thank you for the tips and inspiring comments, they go further than you may know.
    Joining the club would not only increase my performance but the overall health of others who have a new focus and outlook on life, even if they will never leave their wheelchair.
    T. .

  • Matt Putz

    Hi Lee,

    While I’d like to gain some weight just so that I can feel happier about the way I look, there is also a more pressing medical reason why I think I would benefit from your program.

    I have Cystic Fibrosis, and I’m going to be placed on a waiting list for a double lung transplant soon. My chances for a successful surgery without complications and a rapid recovery after surgery will largely depend on how healthy my body is. One of the things my doctors would like to see is for me to gain some weight, but I have always found motivation to train and eat properly a real struggle. One would think that the impending surgery would be enough to motivate, but I just don’t do as well without some kind of supervision. I’m hoping that your private coaching club that can help motivate me and direct me to a healthy weight gain and ultimately a more successful transplant surgery and recovery.

    Thanks for your time.


  • Rick Pickeral

    Lee, I was 290 lbs when I first stumbled upon your website. I am now 190 and getting ready to compete in my first competition. You have MADE my physique with all of your motivation and support through your videos and comment replies. But I am not finished, and I need your help to take my physique to that final competition-ready stage. I want to be happy, be confident in my body, and make the last month of my senior year in high school count.

  • gaurav sharma

    i wanna a perfect physic nd gud bodybuilder,…………i think total fitness will help me,…………….

  • Dan

    I’m 17 and have been working out for almost 2 years, but at first I wasn’t that constant. I LOVE going to the gym and one of my person goal would be to compete in the future. I think I have a lot of potential and having your tips would really help me excel in my life/bodybuilding-carrer. I have some trouble with my diet and have been doing loads of video’s of your’s on all different topics – I really enjoy your videos. I currently workout 5 days a week and since I’m starting my cutting phase have increased cardio from what I was currently doing.

  • Tom Hostetler

    Hey Lee,
    First of all, I have a tremendous amount of respect & admiration for you for your accomplishments in the world of fitness. You have a great deal of knowledge and experience with bodybuilding and nutrition. I would really benefit from your coaching program, and I feel you would definitely provide me with the valuable information I need to help take my fitness goals to the next level. From time to time I get very frustrated, because I don’t reach certain goals in a certain time frame. I have even considered giving up weight training… But I can’t… It’s in my blood!!! It’s my lifestyle!!! I will most definitely continue… but I want to make sure I’m doing it right. And with your guidance and mentorship, I know I can get better results.

    Thank you very much Lee,