Cardio For Fat Loss

Do You NEED To Do Cardio For Fat Loss? (the truth)

Cardio or Weights for Fat Loss…

Should you do cardio when you want to lose weight and get lean? Well it depends on your individual situation and body type.

You’re going to hear mixed reviews and opinions on whether or not you should do cardio for fat loss. Some trainers say cardio is a waste of time and that you should only focus on strength training workouts. While other trainers recommend doing cardio on a regular basis.

Now if you’re familiar with my approach to fitness and nutrition, you know that I don’t like to give one size fits all “cookie cutter” answers. Instead I like to zoom out, look at the bigger picture, discuss the pros and cons, and let you decide for yourself what the best approach is for you and your fitness goals.

Watch the video below to learn the truth about cardio and fat loss…

Q: Do You Need Cardio In Order To Lose Fat?

A: NO, you don’t need to cardio in order to lose fat.

You can lose weight and get lean from diet alone. If you consistently eat a caloric deficit, you’ll lose fat regardless if you are doing cardio or not.

However, cardio can help speed the process along and it also has numerous health and mental benefits as well. I discuss these in more detail in this video here:

Here are some general guidelines that you can go by to know if you “need” to do cardio or not.


If you are skinny-fat and just want to lose your belly while building lean muscle without actually “losing weight”, than you may not need to do cardio. Just following a proper diet and doing regular weight training workouts maybe enough in this situation.


If you are overweight and want to lose 30, 40, 50, or more pounds of body weight, than I definitely recommend that you include cardio as part of your fitness program. It will help you lose fat faster and improve your overall health, fitness, and work capacity in the process.

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