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As you read this page you’re unconsciously putting yourself into one of two groups. Either you see yourself as someone who is already in good physical shape but you want to take your fitness to a higher level.

Or you are totally out of shape and are looking for a realistic solution to your problem, but you have doubts as to whether or not my program will work for you.

In either case, you can rest assured that you have come to the right place.

Why? Because I’ve helped literally hundreds of people from all over the world transform their bodies and take their fitness to the next level.

I’ve personally helped seasoned fitness enthusiasts get “Super-Fit” – as well as helping those who would classify themselves as overweight and out of shape – melt away excess bodyfat, gain strength, increase energy and begin enjoying an active lifestyle filled with confidence and power.


Take Your Physique To The Next Level !


My Total Fitness Bodybuilding website has been online and helping people build better bodies since 1999. Those who follow what I teach get great results. But those who take the NEXT step and get personalized coaching with my customized training and nutrition programs – well, they’re the people getting extraordinary results!

Not just because they are using the very best “cutting-edge” training and nutritional strategies, but they know that there is a helping hand, day-in and day-out to help them along the way. They know that one-on-one support is crucial to their success – and that they cannot succeed without it. As the saying goes, “No one succeeds alone.”

Your Customized Diet and Training Program

Will Be Divided Up Into 3 Parts…

  1. You will get a customized nutritional blueprint to follow so you can achieve the very best results in the shortest period of time. You’ll get a daily meal-by-meal eating plan with the exact foods to eat in the right amounts – all plotted and mapped out specifically for your body type and your fitness goals.
  2. Simple to follow weight training and cardio programs – precisely tuned to produce awesome results FAST. I will personally custom-tailor each and every workout to your experience and fitness level, your goals, your time schedule, and equipment availability.
  3. And the best part of the program is that you’ll get personal coaching from yours truly. I’ll give you my personal e-mail address so you can contact me anytime during your program and get personalized help and coaching. I will personally work with you via e-mail, monitor your progress, answer your questions, and strategically cycle your training and nutrition program along the way to ensure that you make solid measurable progress from week to week.

This Kind Of Personalized Coaching Goes Way Beyond The

Info That You’ll Learn In Books, Tapes, & Videos…

In these training live coaching sessions I spill the beans on the very best muscle building and fat burning strategies that produce the fastest results. I don’t pull any punches, you’ll hear the truth about the exact exercises and workouts you need to follow to simulate maximum muscle growth and melt away excess bodyfat. This high-level training will help you sculpt the type of lean muscular physique that allows you to walk tall and carry yourself with confidence.

The normal price for this kind of online coaching is $297 and there wouldn’t be any on going e-mail coaching and support included. But if you’re willing to take one tiny step forward TODAY, I’m going to let you join an elite group and sign up for the ridiculously low discounted price of just $197 – PLUS Get Unlimited FREE Coaching!

I’m not looking for “thousands” of people… I’m looking for a select few who are committed – the top 5% – the achievers – the ones who have had enough and are sick and tired of being “average”. The type of people who are determined to take their overall health, fitness, and muscular development to the next level with the type of body that commands respect and makes people take notice and say “WOW you’re in awesome shape!”

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Just Check Out The Results That
My Current Students Have Gotten…


“Gained 43 lbs. Of Muscle In Less Then 6 Months!”

Phil Clayton Hi Lee,I just wanted to let you know about my bodybuilding progress. Before I found your website I was training all wrong and going no where. I literally spent several months working out and at the end of it all I was no stronger or more muscular than when I started.

I was your average teenager, just wasting hours in the gym and I didn’t know what I needed to do to get bigger and stronger.Then my little brother recommended that I check out and since then things have changed forever! I’ve read all your articles and gotten some great training advice from you personally as well as from many others on your message board. This has really given me the help and motivation that I needed to get the results I wanted.

In just six months of following your advice my lifts have more than doubled and I have gone from 155 lbs. to 198 lbs. That’s 43lbs of lean mass gains!

Thanks again Lee for all your help!

Phil Clayton

(19 years old)

Jacksonville, Florida

“Lost 64 lbs. Of Bodyfat In Only 21 Weeks!”

Doug Croft

I recently competed in my first bodybuilding competition. I started my contest diet at 242 lbs. and with the help of Lee’s program I lost 64 lbs. and got into the best shape of my life. I didn’t make the middleweight class like I had hoped, but even as the lightest competitor (178 lbs.) in the light-heavyweight class I still managed to place 3rd.

I would like to thank Lee for all the help that he gave me during my contest prep. His knowledge and experience really helped ease off the pressure of being a first time competitor. I feel really proud of what I’ve accomplished and it is amazing how far I have come from where I started.Again, thanks Lee for your help with everything, it was greatly appreciated and you helped make the whole experience a great one.


Doug Croft


“Won 1st Place In A Figure Competition!”

Lisa Woolgar I would like to thank Lee for all of the expert advice he has given to me over the last 4 months as I prepared for my first figure competition. Lee was invaluable to me and his website was an excellent resourse as well. I would recommend it to anyone.I consulted Lee every step of the way leading up to the competition and not only did he have all the answers, but he responded to all my emails almost instantly.

I truely appreciated the time he took for me as I know he also was in training for the bodybuilding competition (which he won). Congrats Lee on your first place win, and I can honestly say that your help was instrumental in my first place win as well.

Thanks a million!

Lisa Woolgar


Lisa Woolgar won the Figure Short Class @ 2007 HWC Bodybuilding & Figure Championships

“Packed On 37 lbs. Of Lean Muscle Mass!”

Dustin Mitchell

I started working out the age of 20 and weighing only 128lbs. I couldn’t even bench press my body weight once! I don’t even know what my squat and deadlift were because back then, I never did them. I’m naturally a very small and weak individual.

After a few years of lifting weights, I stumbled across and I wish I knew about this site sooner because the information he has to offer would have helped me become a lot bigger by now!

Right now my records are:

(keeping in mind, I’m still small framed guy, and not a power-lifter)

Bench Press: 165lbs for 9 reps (at a body weight of 165lbs)

Squat: 245lbs for 5 reps (at a body weight of 165lbs)

Deadlift: 285lbs for 8 reps (at a body weight of 165lbs)

Lee’s customized coaching programs have it all! From muscling gaining information, fat loss information, nutrition information, to specific exercise programs with pictures and videos! Lee even covers stuff to help you recover from injuries.

I’ve applied this information, it actually works, and has definitely contributed to my improved physique. I get relatives noticing that I work out. I’ve had an ex-girlfriend ask me if I’m on steroids. (She knew how scrawny I used to be!) I’m a baby face, so I look very young… but at the gym when I’m pumped up and wearing a tight t-shirt I’ve actually been mistaken for a Marine! Which is pretty cool.

Now, I’m at the point where I am an actual bodybuilding competitor. Man that feels good! To be up on stage and just fitting in there is something I’m proud of. And it’s cool to know that it’s just the beginning… I intend to improve and compete again.

It goes to show that even people like me with no blessed genetics, can literally change their body shape and do it healthy with no drugs required… just hard work and proper training knowledge.

Dustin Mitchell



“Lost 55 lbs. Of Bodyfat & Gained Strength”

Dear Lee,

I wanted to let you know about my workout progress and to thank you for all your help. I’ve made some amazing changes in my physique. And I credit my progress to your help expertise. If it had not been for your e-mails, website, and messageboard I would still be overweight.

I’ve been following the various routines from your site, and will continue to do so. But, as you know, getting into the gym and working out is actually the easy part. Your nutritional advice and diet plans helped me the most with losing bodyfat and gaining lean muscle. Over the past year I’ve lost 55lbs on the scale and I’ve also gotten stronger and added some lean muscle as well. So that actual fat loss is more then just the 55lbs. of bodyweight.

When I started I was 251 lbs. and could only bench press 205 lbs.

Now I’m 196 lbs. and my max bench press has gone up to 235 lbs.

So that just goes to show that you CAN gain strength and lean muscle while losing bodyfat.

I also practice mixed martial arts (MMA) and I’ve noticed huge improvements in my speed, strength, and endurance since losing all the excess bodyweight. I enjoy the sport even more now since I’m able to keep up with some of the better MMA fighters in my class.

My physique is by no means where I want it to be, but I know with your continued assistance and with consistent effort that I WILL reach my fitness goals.

Thanks again Lee.

Mathew Broughton

West Virginia


“Lost 36 lbs. Of Bodyfat In Just 12 Weeks!”

Steve Cook Lee has helped me customize my diet and training to the point that my strength, size, and conditioning improvements are consistent.I have learned so much about bodybuilding from Lee. All the e-mails, videos, posing practice, one on one training, etc, I just can’t thank him enough for it all.

I really admire his dedication to the sport, as well as the effort he puts into your his personal fitness goals. I know it must be getting old, me thanking him all the time, but what else can I say. Lee you’re the best man.Thanks again for eveything.

Steve Cook


“Lost Bodyfat While Building Lean Muscle Mass”

Adam Hunt

Lee helped me with my contest preparation for the 2006 NLABBA provincial bodybuilding competition.From the very start, Lee’s helpful information put me on the right track. He provided me with exactly what I needed to get in amazing shape.

He personalized my diet, weight training, and cardio program. And also provided me with lots of support and encouragement for those ‘difficult’ stretches of the program. I know without a doubt, that Lee helped me achieve more than I could have done on my own. It was awesome working with him.Lee, I cannot thank you enough for your help!

Best wishes,

Adam Hunt


“Competed In A Fitness Model Competition!”

Vince DelMonte

I just got back from the FAME World Championships, as I competed in my first fitness model competition! I placed in the top ½ for my first show ever and was told I should have been in the top 10 if I work on my stage presence.

I attracted the attention of for a photo shoot that day and was told I have huge potential with some more experience.Thanks so much Lee for all the pre-contest diet information leading up to my show. I was pleasantly surprised to get such detailed answers to my questions about how to approach my last few weeks with regards to supplementation, water intake, sodium loading, carb depletion and carb loading and some other stuff. You have no idea how I benefited from you guiding me through the guesswork and little details.

Vince DelMonte


“Won The Overall Title In 5 Bodybuilding Competitions!”

Patricia Crocker I met Lee Hayward in the fall of 1999 and started training with him. With Lee’s help I entered my first bodybuilding competition in 2001 and have since competed in 7 bodybuilding contests, winning the overall title in 5 of them.By working with Lee I have learned so much about proper training and nutrition. I wouldn’t be this lean, healthy, and fit without his help. Lee is very knowledgeable and always takes the time to answer my questions and explain everything so it is simple and easy to understand.

If you really want to lose fat, build lean muscle, and get in your best shape ever, Lee’s customized diet and training programs are the way to go.

Patricia Crocker

“Bulked Up & Gained 48 lbs. Of Muscular Bodyweight”

Paul Collins I just wanted to thank you for all your tips and advice. I am now beginning to have the physique that I have always wanted, my skinny frame has become a distant memory. I’m 6′ 2″ and when I began training I was 187 pounds. Since following your training system I’m now 235 pounds.People I have known for a long time comment on how big I look now, which is what I have always wished for.

This training system has been a great breakthrough for me, thanks to you, and I hope that there will be others who gain like me through taking your advice.Without your help I never would have got the results that I have achieved in gaining mass in such a short period of time.

Thanks Lee. Keep up the good work.

Paul Collins

United Kingdom

“Packed On 20 lbs. Of Lean Muscle

And Gained 2 Inches On His Biceps!”

Max Hernandez

Hey Lee,

This is Max. I wanted to let you know that your site, tips, and overall achievements have inspired me to train hard and not give up even if road blocks are tough.

I have had many great improvements from following your program and advice. I was 170lbs with 12% body fat in August and now (4 months later) I am 190lbs with 9% body fat.It’s great to see awesome gains! There are huge differences. In the before picture I had 13 1/2 inch arms and right now my arms are almost 16 inches.

Thanks so much Mr. Hayward for all you do. I hope to inspire as many people as you do.

Max Hernandez

Durham, NC


“Won His First Bodybuilding Contest
At Age 60!”

George Mueller

Hi Lee,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the valuable information that you share on your website, and particularly your new book “Your First Bodybuilding Competition”.

I’ve been reading fitness and nutrition books all my life and in recent years checking out all the bodybuilding websites online. When I first stumbled upon your website I was very impressed to say the least!

I’ve always worked out and kept myself in reasonable shape year round. But as I was approaching my 60th birthday I decided that was going to do something totally different and really push myself and see what I could achieve. So registered to enter a bodybuilding contest!

I knew it would be quite a challenge, but I followed your book to the letter. I consider it my Bodybuilding Bible! You covered all facets of competition, from dieting, to posing, and all the fine details of what to do leading up to the contest, and getting ready backstage. It was so in-depth and so complete. You left nothing to chance!

When my big competition day rolled around I was in the best shape of my life and ready to show the judges the results of all my hard work. And it paid off for me because I took home the 1st place trophy in the master’s category!

Thanks again Lee!


George Mueller

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We all know that there is no “magic pill” or “quick fix” routine that will give you the results you want, only hard work. So if you want to maximize the results you get from your efforts then you need to have an experienced coach in your corner who can monitor your training, nutrition, etc. and ensure that everything you are doing is working and producing the best results possible.

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Lee Hayward

(Your Muscle Building Coach)

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“Packed On 20 lbs. Of Lean Muscle

And Gained 2 Inches On His Biceps!”

Max Hernandez Hey Lee,This is Max. I wanted to let you know that your site, tips, and overall achievements have inspired me to train hard and not give up even if road blocks are tough.

I have had many great improvements from following your program and advice. I was 170lbs with 12% body fat in August and now (4 months later) I am 190lbs with 9% body fat.It’s great to see awesome gains! There are huge differences. In the before picture I had 13 1/2 inch arms and right now my arms are almost 16 inches.

Thanks so much Mr. Hayward for all you do. I hope to inspire as many people as you do.

Max Hernandez

Durham, NC


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