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Have you ever felt overwhelmed and confused about all the fitness & nutrition information that’s available these days?

Right now there are over 200,000+ diet books on amazon. Every other week we’re seeing a new diet documentary popping up on Netflix. We are literally bombarded with different diet and exercise programs. And rather than helping, it’s creating even more confusion and frustration.

How did the concept of eating right and exercising become so darn confusing?

It’s gotten to the point now where a lot of people don’t know what’s considered “good” or “healthy” anymore.

For example, one diet says carbs are “good” – the next diet says carbs are “bad”. Some people say you should do cardio – others say doing cardio will ruin your health. And there are endless debates over the different styles of weight training workouts… It’s gotten ridiculous…

Would you like some help cutting through all the hype and confusion, and finally figure out a realistic approach that works for YOU?

FREE 20-Minute Coaching Call…

I invite you to join me for a Free 20-minute one-on-one phone call (or skype chat) where we can privately discuss your situation, your fitness goals, and the challenges that are holding you back.

During our phone call (or skype chat) you’ll get your questions answered and we’ll discuss some realistic strategies for how you can start making progress towards your muscle building and fat loss goals.

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If you don't know your exact bodyfat - just say "lean", "average", or "overweight".
On a scale of 1-10 how committed are you, with 1 being you just want to sit on the couch eating Doritos, and 10 being you would workout daily and eat boiled chicken if that's what it takes.
If you have been working out "on & off" than be specific.
For example; home gym, commercial gym, what type of equipment, etc.
What were your results from following those programs?
If so how much, how often, etc.
(i.e. youtube, facebook, google search, word of mouth, etc.)


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