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If I honestly feel that I can help you, then I'll let you know. And if I can't, then I won't BS you, but I will offer some suggestions for experts or resources that can help you.

Either way, at the end of our short 10-minute strategy session call you'll walk away with more clarity about what you need to do next in order to move in the right direction towards building the body you want.

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Just Check Out The Results From My Past Coaching Students...

Mike Achieved a Body Re-Composition

Stephen Gilbert lost 97 pounds

Steve lost 100 pounds

Richard Porter lost 110 pounds and is stronger and fitter than he's been in years.

Jeff lost over 100 pounds

Kevin got ripped after 50

Jeff achieved a lean body re-composition by losing fat and building muscle at the same time

Trevor lost 74 pounds

Jacob lost 42 pounds and got ripped

Paul lost over 70 pounds!

Bill lost 116 pounds and kept it off

Alejandro Got Ripped in 4 months

Kevin Gained 2 Inches To His Chest and Arms While Losing Belly Fat!

Simon Got Ripped in 12 weeks

Adiel Got Ripped and Entered A Bodybuilding Contest

Ali Achieved a Total Body Re-Comp in only 6 months!

Craig Won His Class at a Bodybuilding Contest

Graham lost belly fat and built muscle in his chest and arms!

Aimo got ripped at 78 years old

Rick's Results

Rick's Results

Rick's Results

Matt is big ripped and muscular after 40

Craig lost 45 pounds while gaining lean muscle at the same time!

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: How Do I Know If I'm Ready For Coaching? +

A: Here's the truth... you will NEVER be ready...

And if you're waiting for the "perfect time" to get started - it will never happen.

There will always be challenges and obstacles and you'll always be "too busy". If you wait for the perfect time - you'll never get started.

So just accept it right now... You don't have to be perfect to make progress... Doing something is always better than doing nothing - even if you give it a half ass effort it's better than no effort at all.

Bottom line, if you're serious about making a change - building muscle, losing your gut, and improving your health and fitness - You need to begin your journey sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, most people wait until it's too late and the damage is already done before they decide to make a change... It's like a smoker who waits until they get lung cancer before they decide to quit.

If you keep putting it off, your health and fitness is only going to get worse... How bad does it have to get before you decide to make a change?

It doesn't matter where you're starting from, improvement is always possible. Within the Muscle After 40 Blueprint Coaching Program we'll help you get the ball rolling with some basic action steps to move you in the right direction, keep it simple, and build on that positive momentum day by day.

Our goal is to get 1% better each day. Now while that doesn't sound like much in the short term - when you zoom out over the course of 6-12 months... It could be a life changing transformation for you - just like it was for the Muscle After 40 Coaching Students who are featured above!

Q: Is The Muscle After 40 Blueprint For Beginners? +

A: Most of the guys who go through this program start at the beginner level.

Even if they have worked out in the past, or have been working out "On & Off" for several years and understand the basics of fitness and nutrition. Most are considered beginners based on their current physical shape and fitness level.

The unique thing about the Muscle After 40 Blueprint is that it's customized to YOU...

This isn't a one size fits all "Cookie Cutter" program. Your program will be designed around your body type, your current fitness level (or lack there of), your goals, your schedule, your dietary preferences, any past injuries or mobility issues that you're dealing with, etc. And we'll update your program week by week as needed to enure you're on the right track to getting in your best shape.

Q: Is The Muscle After 40 Blueprint For Advanced Bodybuilders? +

A: No…

Even though I'm a former competitive bodybuilder myself and I have worked with a lot of competitive bodybuilders over the years. The Muscle After 40 Blueprint is NOT a pre-contest program for competitive bodybuilders.

Most of my Muscle After 40 coaching students are family men and working professionals - who have gotten caught up with challenges of "life" - raising a family and working hard to put food on the table and roof over their heads - while neglecting their own health and fitness in the process...

The program is meant to help regular guys to get back in shape (i.e. build lean muscle, lose that stubborn belly fat, and increase their strength and energy). So they can look their best and feel confident in their own skin.

Most guys who go through this program just want to be able to take their shirt off and not feel embarrassed about how they look. While also overcoming health challenges such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and do so with a realistic and sustainable approach.

During your Free Strategy Session Call we'll figure out where you are right now in terms of your health and fitness. Then we'll plan out where you'd like to be within the next 6 to 12 months. And from there we'll decide if you are a good fit for the Muscle After 40 Blueprint.

Q: Do You Coach Guys Who Are Under 40? +

A: Yes...

I started in the Iron Game at the tender age of 12 years old. So I've seen first hand how the body changes as we get older. It usually starts with a racing fast metabolism as a teenager - where you can eat whatever you want and not gain an ounce - and then it gets slower and slower the older you get... Until it eventually gets to the point where you don't even recognize the "Fat Guy" staring back at you in the mirror.

While most of the guys in the program are in their 40's, 50's, and 60's - we do have some younger guys in the group as well. So even if you're in your 20's or 30's - we can discuss the different options that are available during your Free Strategy Session Call.  From there we'll decide if you are a good fit for the Muscle After 40 Blueprint.

Q: Do You Coach Females? +

A: The majority of my students in the Muscle After 40 Blueprint coaching program are men over 40, because they are the guys who I relate to the most.

But with that being said, I have worked with female coaching students and understand the unique challenges that women face when it comes to building muscle and losing fat. Prime example, my wife Patricia is a former Bodybuilding and Figure Champion who has won overall titles at the provincial and regional level and she has also competed on the National Stage.

I've seen first hand how a woman's body responds to diet and training compared to a man's body. While there are a lot of similarities, there are some key differences that need to be accounted for.

Most of the women who come on board with the Muscle After 40 Blueprint program usually do so as part of a husband and wife team - who join the program together to help support one another. So if you're a couple who would like to get in shape together we can discuss that during your free strategy session call.  From there we'll decide if you are a good fit for the Muscle After 40 Blueprint.

Q: Will You Do Everything For Me? +

A: I'll lead you, I'll help you, I'll give you the tools, strategies, and the support you need to succeed... But this is NOT babysitting!

YOU have to do the work and actually follow the program. The results you get from the Muscle After 40 Blueprint will be in direct proportion to the effort you put into it.

If you're teachable and take action and respond well to constructive feedback... You've got the winning combination to be a "Before" and "After" success story and make this work...

If not, then please don't waste your time - or my time - I'm only interested in helping people who are willing to help themselves!

Q: What's Expected Of Me? +

A: Here's the truth...

You'll get out of this program what you put into it. I'm NOT a miracle worker. Even though I've been in the fitness industry for the past 30 years. The process of building a lean muscular body takes hard work on your part.

The Muscle After 40 Blueprint isn't some quick fix solution or fad diet plan where you sit on the sofa, pop a pill, and magically get in shape... If the quick fix programs actually worked, we wouldn't have an obesity epidemic in the world today... Heck, if it was that easy to get ripped we'd all at the beach with body's like Greek Gods and gorgeous women hanging off our arms - but you  know that doesn't happen!

What you are getting here is a complete coaching blueprint that will change your lifestyle, develop healthy habits, daily routines, and a step-by-step action plan so you can build lean muscle, lose the fat, and improve your health and confidence – and more importantly - have a sustainable system so you can maintain your results for life... It's all about being "Good Enough, But Good Enough Consistently".

So if you're sick and tired of where you are now and don't want to be fat anymore... Then just commit to the program, have faith that I won't steer you wrong, and take it one day at a time. If you can do that, you'll be able to watch your body change before your eyes, and by this time next year you'll be shocked by your results!

Q: What If I've Hired A Trainer In The Past And It Didn't Work? +

A: Don't let one bad experience ruin an opportunity to change your health and fitness for the better. If you're not happy with how your body looks right now, then you need to take action and make a change.

To put things in perspective;

  • If you ate a bad meal in a restaurant, does that mean you're going to stop eating at restaurants?
  • If you watched a bad movie, does that mean you're going to stop watching movies?
  • If you had a bad relationship, does that mean you're going to stop having relationships?

…Of course not…

The Muscle After 40 Blueprint is a personalized coaching program for YOU. Meaning I'll work with you to help take you from where you are right now - to where you want to be with your health, fitness, and body transformation goals.

We'll work together in real time to adjust and modify your approach based on how your body responds to ensure that you get the best results possible.

My vision for you and for everyone who comes on board with the Muscle After 40 Blueprint is to create "Before" and "After" success stories. By doing so not only are you happy with the program and inspiring your friends and family - but in turn you will help to inspire other guys who are going through a similar situation right now, and give them hope to take action and improve as well. It's literally a WIN-WIN situation and I'm going to do everything in my power to make that vision a reality.

The only way you'll fail with this program, is if you quit on yourself... I've been doing this for over 30 years and I don't quit on my coaching students. I'll do whatever it takes to help you succeed, all you need to do is have faith in the program and not quit on yourself.

Q: How Much Is This Going To Cost? +


Achieving anything worthwhile is going to take a big investment of time, money, and energy. Nobody has ever made a life changing transformation without some sacrifice.

If you're just looking for some free fitness tips, then I'd recommend checking out my Total Fitness Bodybuilding YouTube Channel. But if you're looking for permanent life changing results - keep reading...

The first thing you need to ask yourself is how much is being out of shape already costing you right now?

  • How many times have you had to back out of an activity, or miss out on a vacation, because you knew that your body couldn't handle it, or maybe you were just too embarrassed about how fat and out of shape you've let yourself become?
  • How many times have you had to reluctantly go clothes shopping to fit into a bigger shirts, pants, or a suit?
  • How is your current physical shape affecting your relationship and sex life with your wife or significant other?
  • How many pain killers do you have to pop per day for the aches and pains to go away?
  • How much are you spending now on blood pressure pills, cholesterol pills, diabetes medication, etc.?
  • How is your lack of energy and ever growing waistline affecting your confidence and performance at work?
  • Can your body withstand any more failed dieting attempts and extreme workouts at the gym?
  • If you keep on living the way you are now, will you be around to watch your children and grandchildren grow up?

Ignoring your health and fitness is actually costing you A LOT more than you think!

Now as far as the financial investment to join the Muscle After 40 Blueprint...
I have a few different options - starting from as little as $100 and going up to over $3000 depending on what type of coaching and help you need, but can't tell which will be right for you until I know if:

  1. You are a good fit for the program.
  2. You know the value of service that I provide my personal coaching students.

If you are serious about making a change and would like some help in doing so - then sign up for a Free Strategy Session Coaching Call. We'll brainstorm some ideas and action plans and discuss your options for how we can make this program work for you.


Need help? Got questions? - Just email me at: