YouTube Bodybuilding Workout Videos…

I went through some of my best YouTube workout videos and categorized them into “Playlists”. So if you are searching for a specific workout then this will make it even easier to reference and find the exact workouts & exercises you need to train each muscle group:

Just click on the link below to see all the videos for each category…

YouTube Muscle Workout Videos

Chest Workout Videos

Back Workout Videos

Shoulder Workouts Videos

Arm Workout Videos

Leg Workout Videos

Ab Workout Videos

Bodybuilding Nutrition Videos

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  1. Jim
    7 years ago

    Thanks Lee.

    Very nice and very helpful.

  2. Jay Arms
    7 years ago

    Lee, always finding a way to make things easier. Thanks.

  3. peterbrown
    7 years ago

    i just wana thankyou for all your help lee thankyou


  4. John
    7 years ago

    Thanks Lee, always one step ahead. Must be the time difference 🙂

  5. johnny
    7 years ago

    Lee i just wanna tell you thanks and all your videos are tits!

  6. jeffrey
    7 years ago

    whoa..this is so cool. thx

  7. Elliott Rosengarten
    7 years ago

    Thanks, Lee. This is a great compilation and certainly makes things easier.

  8. Miguel
    7 years ago

    Thanks once again for your generosity! This will come in handy!

  9. Miguel
    7 years ago

    Thanks! Pretty cool!

  10. mannan
    7 years ago

    hmm wow thats pretty convenient lee. now instead of having to search and look through all my emails it’s all in one convenient place!! an excellent idea by a great bodybuilder!

  11. ahmed shakir ul siam
    7 years ago

    hello every one,

    i m siam.i doing exercise since six years.i m doing my work out regular.but when i m talk to lee sir and take his advise my muscle grow improve so much.shape of body nice.
    i want to thanks my lee sir for his important advisc.


  12. Josh
    7 years ago

    Hey what’s up Lee!:)
    it’s me Josh and was wondering if you could also add another playlist
    specifically on forearms!!:)I wish to get to your level someday!:)
    I want to be able to close the heavy set of hand grippers preferably the 300
    in less than three months!:)I want to get them popeye forearms!:)
    I’m working on closing the two fifties!I can already close the two hundred!
    I watched a youtude video of you closing the four hundred like nothing!!damn!

  13. PK
    7 years ago

    Hey Lee,

    great stuff, some of the videos I haven’t seen before, and have really given me more variety and food for thought in terms of training. I’ve been going to the gym for almost 5 years, and there were still some exercises I have never done. It’s good to see new exercises, and more importantly, the correct form and technique.


  14. harun rashid
    7 years ago

    shala bangali HARAMJADA…. Tor moto murkher jonno amader shob jaigai MAAN-IJJOT dubay….. Agei ENGLISH bojh tarpor likh…. Ato bisri GRAMMAR, ami jindegi te-o shuni NAI….

    Shala, GUD-MARA GADHA!

  15. harun rashid
    7 years ago

    This above comment is especially for : ahmed shakir ul siam

    harun rashid: shala bangali HARAMJADA…. Tor moto murkher jonno amader shob jaigai MAAN-IJJOT dubay….. Agei ENGLISH bojh tarpor likh….Ato bisri GRAMMAR, ami jindegi te-o shuni NAI….Shala, GUD-MARA GADHA!  

  16. grim
    7 years ago

    thanks a million lee!! 😛

  17. prashant
    7 years ago

    thanxs a lot LEE it is very helpful for me

  18. Philip Elliott
    7 years ago

    Hi Lee;

    Thankfully my gym is FIVE minutes from where I sit at work.

    The videos are fantastic for me to do a quick workout during my lunch break.

    I can refer to these to see what want to do!!

  19. jarrett
    7 years ago

    you are the man lee!

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