Does Acai Berry Really Work?

I posted up a whole rant about Acai Berry on my old blog back in November. But I’m still getting several e-mail on a daily basis from guys asking me: “Does Acai Berry Really Work?”

So that’s why I’m sharing this info again here. Please read it and then forward it on to your friends so they don’t get caught in the scam. Below this post there is a share button that will allow you share this with your facebook friends and twitter followers. I encourage you to share this post, after all if we can prevent just one person from getting scammed out of their money then it will be well worth it!

So without further delay, I shall answer the question below…

“Does Acai Berry Really Work?”

I’m sure that if you have surfed the Internet at all over the last few months you must have seen these Acai Berry banner ads plastered everywhere. Usually with the headline: “How I got ripped in 4 weeks…” or something along those lines along with a “before” and “after” picture of some dude who is jacked and in awesome shape.

And you know what…

These ads can be tempting. I mean when I first seen those banners myself I had to click on them and go check it out to see what it was all about. But anytime I see an ad hyping up a supplement I always put on my BS detector. After all when it comes to supplements if they are legit and work, you’ll hear about it from real world feedback. NOT from an advertisement.

After all… anyone who has an iota of sense knows that there is no other way to build a muscular physique than busting your butt in the gym on a consistent basis. If anyone (or any advertisement) tries to tell you otherwise they are full of sh!t.

By the way, Acai Berry is nothing more then some over priced, over hyped fruit. In fact you could go and eat a handful of blueberries and get more anti-oxidants and health benefits. I don’t think you would ever be so naive as to think you are going to get big and ripped eating blueberries… Well, Acai Berries are no different.

Now the fact that these ads (which are plastered everywhere) are out right lying and being dishonest about a Bull Sh!t product and trying to scam people out of there money is pretty bad…

But that’s not the worst of it…

These Acai Berry scam artists are illegally using pictures of honest and reputable people in their advertisements (i.e. actors from the movie 300, top MMA fighters, fitness trainers, etc.) Trust me, none of these guys would ever promote this crap.

They have even used some of MY before and after pictures taken right from my website saying that “I Got Ripped In 4 Weeks” from this crap.

Just to let you know it took my 6 months of hard dieting, daily cardio, and weight training to get in the shape I did. If it was as easy as popping a few acai berry pills everyone would be in awesome shape, and we know that’s not the case.

This pisses me off to no end because I would never in a million years recommend this garbage to anyone. But the worse thing is that my online followers who see me in these ads may actually fall for it and get scammed out of their money.  And even if someone were to realize it’s a bunch of BS, it makes ME (and everyone else) look bad because these A$$ Holes are associating our faces with their junk product.

So that’s why I’m saying this loud and clear…


It’s bad enough that they are selling a BS product, but to tarnish the image of honest people with their scam just makes my blood boil.

In fact the Better Business Bureau has received literally thousands upon thousands of complaints from consumers. And they have released a statement warning everyone to be wary of any website offering acai berry-related products.

Unfortunately, law enforcement officials have yet to catch up to these rogue operators because they operate in foreign countries and they don’t provide any contact information or anyway to get in touch with them. But sooner or later they will get caught, it’s only a matter of time, and when they do you can bet they are going to face some heavy fraud charges and hopefully some serious jail time as well.

If you want to read more about the acai berry scam just check out this article on CTV News at:

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